Jealous Bridesmaids

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely team at Jealous Bridesmaids in Toronto to pick up my newest bridesmaid dress!

I love this bridal salon. I've visited many, many, many different boutiques during my multiple bridesmaid stints, and I may have to say that this one is my favourite.

Not only is the team lovely, but their venue is really something. It mixes all the glamour of wedding and bridal culture, with an industrial and bare bones feel. There are exposed concrete pillars, all of the hanging rods are polished steel, and the floors/ceilings look both unfinished and bare... until you pair them with the gorgeous carpets, furniture pieces, and hanging chandeliers. I absolutely love it!

The main bridal area hosts a beautiful selection of gowns, as well as two public dressing areas. This gorgeous piece was featured front and center when I arrived for my appointment.

The gown selection really is fantastic, though not overwhelming to sift through. It's hard not to let your mind wander and feel completely girly when you're surrounded by so much fluffy white fabric, lace and crystal.

Aside from the two more public dressing areas, there is also a larger bridal room with large mirror and veils. For those brides who may have found "the dress" and want to see themselves looking completely bridal. 

Of course, what Bridal Salon would be complete without gorgeous accessories? Hanging from the walls in the main bridal area are more gorgeous belts than I ever thought to see in one place. The perfect accents to add to your dress when you ditch the veil and are ready to party!

And then... There's the jewellery room... the soft blue paint, warm carpet and glittering cabinets. The gorgeous stole, the tiaras, earrings, necklaces, headbands, bracelets, fascinators... Each time I visit this salon I let myself get a little bit carried away in here (it's more realistic than getting myself carried away in the dresses room).

Of course, The main reason for my visit was to pick up my bridesmaid dress! It's a tad big so I'll need to go back to the salon for a fitting (oh no...) but I absolutely love it! The dress is by designer Bill Levkoff (#482). It's my favourite colour, and I was lucky enough to be allowed to pick the design that suited me best (the bridesmaids are matching in colour and length, but not style for this wedding). Here's a photo from the front and back! 

I didn't get a chance to go into the back section of the salon, but there's an area about half as large as the bridal area that's just for bridesmaid dresses, with their own dressing rooms and seating areas, to separate the chaos a bit. They have just about every dress option available (I know, because I've tried on most of them...), are happy to order dresses they don't have, and their prices for both gowns and alterations are completely reasonable (I'm paying less than $300 all in... that's incredible for anything associated with the word "wedding").

What are some of your bridesmaid/bridal experiences? Do you have salons you love or would never go back to? Horror stories about ugly dresses, or nothing but lovely things to say? I'd love to hear from you! 

Of course, I'm happy for you to just tell me how pretty my new dress is ;)