Saturday, December 6, 2014

Be a Prepared Christmas Party Guest

The holiday season is upon us! And with it, parties galore! 

From office parties, to cocktail mixers and dinners, to family functions, open houses and full blown swanky functions, it's a busy season.

Even the most organized of ladies (and I like to think of myself as one) can be blindsided by a surprise get together, or find themselves without enough time to adequately prepare. I find by keeping just a few things in the house, I'm ready for anything!

1) Hostess gifts and bags. At the beginning of December I run out and get a few bottles of wine, to have on hand when I'm down to the wire and need something to thank my host with. I always pick a bottle that 1) doesn't break the bank but that, 2) I would serve to guests in my own home. That way if I have leftover, they wont go to waste. 

Then just run out to the dollar store and grab a few wine bags, and you'll never show up empty handed.

2) Extra Holiday Cards. I love to send Christmas cards to family and friends, but I always keep a few extras hanging around that I can wrap up with my hostess gift, Or send as a thank you after the fact. It never hurts to have extra Holiday and Thank You cards around!

3) Dry Shampoo. We've all been in this position: You're home from work, you have an hour to get to your Christmas cocktail party, and there's a mound of stuff to do before you can go. Sometimes you just need to spruce yourself up without taking the time to shower. 

In this case, apply your favourite lipstick, and use a bit of dry shampoo to give your hair a little lift. No one needs to know that you ran around like a mad woman until 5 minutes before you left the house.

4) Holiday party wardrobe and jewelry. Last but not least, plan your outfits ahead of time. Don't get caught wondering what's appropriate for which function as you juggle a double-booked day. 

From ugly Christmas sweaters, to dinner dresses, have your outfits well planned out, after all you don't want to wear the same thing TOO many times over the season! Those pictures will be everywhere!

Here are a few examples of what I'm thinking for what I've got lined up this year:

Casual party and after work drinks

Christmas open house or work dinner

Cocktails or fancy open house

Christmas Dinner Date

Ugly sweater party or Christmas Carol sing

And of course some holiday bling!!!!

Happy Holidays Party Goers!