Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding at the Steam Whistle Brewery

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto.

It was sensational. The venue, food, atmosphere, everything about this wedding was gorgeous.

I'm sorry about the pictures being so blurry... all I had was my phone. Bear with me!

The nice thing about weddings at the Steam Whistle Brewery is that you can take the train in and home if you don’t live in the city. For a 6:30 cocktail start time, we hopped on the train at around 5:30, and once at union it only took us about 5 minutes to get there.

I opted to wear a Rachel Roy dress that I picked up at the end of last summer. It’s a bright cocktail dress that I decided needed one more night out before we switch to our fall and winter colours. The wedding was before thanksgiving so I figured I was in the clear. I love this dress because the cut makes me look like I have legs for days. Paired with my Vince Camuto blacksling backs with snake-skin patterned toe,  I was ready for the festivities!

We arrived at the Brewery a bit early, so we indulged in some Steam Whistle from the tasting bar while we waited to go in and caught up with some friends.

6:30pm was the start of the cocktail style reception, guests, bridal party and Bride and Groom mingled before the ceremony in Steam Whistle’s event room, having signature cocktails (“French 75” – Gin, Champagne, Lemon and Sugar), of course indulging in a Steam Whistle and enjoying some bite sized delights.

Grilled pizza dough - crispy wild mushrooms - caramelized onions - basil goat cheese mousse - mozzarella - shredded lemon dressed kale - truffle balsamic glaze

Crab cake – scallop emulsifier – bell pepper – coriander – sesame oil – chili – panko – Dijon aioli – baby frisee

Skewer – tandoori chicken – mango chutney – mint yogurt – fresh coriander

The event was catered by the Food Dudes but more on them later.

If you've never been, the Steam Whistle Brewery is a GORGEOUS venue. Wood floors, brick walls and a glass window showing the brewing equipment.

After an hour, we were asked to take our seats, and the ceremony began. Very simple and beautiful, many tears were shed. The couple actually made the backdrop they’re standing in front of by hanging egg-shaped pieces of fabric from a metal frame in what I believe was white/soft-pink, and then placed it over the back lighting. Stunningly beautiful.

After the ceremony, the Food Dudes opened their stations! This was a nice twist for a cocktail reception, not a buffet, not a sit down, just big long tables along the walls and fresh made food stations. These included a Pasta Bar, a Grilled Cheese station, a Dessert table and, my choice for the evening, a Taco Bar!

Both Chicken and Beef Tacos were delicious; I think I had about 4 of them… no shortage of food that’s for sure. While we ate our meals, the speeches began! These were kept short and sweet which I am eternally grateful for. There's nothing worse than being at a wedding where the speeches seem to drone on for hours...

From there let the dancing begin! I’m not sure who the DJ was, but he was playing a fantastic mix of oldies and new..ies?

The couple had also paid for a photo booth, which printed out copies straight away for people to take home. We had a blast taking a whole series of funny and sweet pictures as the night progressed. A word to the wise, there are two types of photo booths
  1. Traditional “get in the booth” photo booths
  2. Back drop photo booths that are reminiscent of school picture day

The second option is DEFINITELY preferred, the traditional photo booths tend to get pretty hot and sweaty… not so glamorous…  then again I don’t know if you could call these glamorous either…

Congratulations to Jess and Matt! Not only on, you know, actually getting married… but also on throwing one hell of a shindig!