Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Brunch-Day

This Sunday, Nela, Amanda and I gathered together for a nice brunch day.

We’re finding it harder and harder to get together these days, between work, social obligations and not living close together any more. So when the three of us do get together, we like to make a good day of it.

Nela hosted in her fabulously girlie apartment. Purple walls, flowers, soft pillows and gorgeous lights; her apartment is always a nice refuge for an afternoon, especially when the weather outside is so grey.

We started off with a delicious tray of nibblies. Proscuitto, cherry tomatoes, avocado, havarti cheese and fresh cut baguette. Add a mimosa (or three) and we were in heaven.

For brunch, Nela whipped up some frittatas. She made them in the oven in muffin tins with onion, spinach and mushroom. One egg per cup, all the ingredients were whisked together before she poured them in to bake. She claims you can keep them in the fridge (and then freezer) for the week for easy breakfasts, which I think is a fabulous idea!

Served with a side of spinach salad with a citrus dressing, goats cheese, blueberries, strawberries and candied pecans.

Such a hostess!

After we were finished with our incredible brunch, it was time for some sweet treats!

Amanda and I took on the responsibility of tea and dessert. She brought some teas from Tealish on Queen Street West. Earl Grey Cream and Toasty Almond

For my part, I picked up some macarons from the French CornerBakery and Patisserie in Mississauga. The bakery is on Dundas between Hurontario and Mississauga road. If you need to pick up any kind of treat, fresh baked bread, or just want to pop in for a sandwhich, everything is wonderful.

These are the BEST macarons around. Sometimes I find macarons can be too sweet, these are just perfect. 
Our desserts and teas selected, we settled in for some chats and treats.

How much does this tea pot look like Mrs Pots from Beauty and the Beast?  

We made pretty quick work of our dessert offerings. Then collapsed onto the couch and succumbed to our food comas.

All in all, a gorgeous afternoon with some gorgeous friends.