Monday, October 6, 2014

Me Day! Burger's, Crafts and Fall Fun!

Today I took a day off work for a "Me Day".

I have a bunch of vacation time it's not looking like I'll use before the end of the year, so lately I've decided to take arbitrary days off and have "Me Days"

This past weekend I had a wedding AND a baby shower to attend, so it was a little less than relaxing. With some personal projects I want to focus on finishing up, I figured that it was the perfect day to do it.

I spent the morning interneting away, doing some research and generally just having a fabulous time, when I realized that it was stunningly beautiful outside. I decided that rather than make lunch, I would head down to Burger's Priest, grab a delicious hamburger, then head to the lake for an hour.

Wearing my tights as pants (which I'm normally against, but it's "Me Day", so screw it) I put my plan into action. 

It was well worth it.

On my way back, I stopped off at the grocery store, and then the wine rack to pick up some pumpkin spice cider for my afternoon interneting (this is a word now). I also picked up a handful of beautiful maple leaves (actually picked up from the ground), for some arts and crafts time.

Around 4pm, my eyes could take it no longer; Blogging, research into PMP programs and other such things needed to go away for a bit, so I started in on my craft.

It's still in progress, so I can't tell you how it will turn out, but I've essentially taken 11 red/orange leaves and added an epoxy coat to them. First I dipped the leaves in vinegar so that their colour would keep (this is what you do when you press flowers, I assume it's the same thing). After letting them dry for a bit, I used a sponge to apply the epoxy then hung them to dry from my curtain rod.

I actually love how it looks, like the leaves are falling in my apartment. I think I'll replace the yellow thread with some clear fishing line, but go for a similar look. Kris got home and was really excited, he wants to put "i" hooks in the ceiling and then change out the leaves for snowflakes come December (this is why I love him).

Just as we were sitting down to a dinner of my Lemon Cilantro Salad and Lemon Orange and Herb roasted Chicken, the power went out! Luckily I have about a bazillion (real number I swear) candles. Romantic dinner to cap off the day! The lights came back on and I managed to get the last of the day's projects complete before sitting down to write some posts.

Looking back, it's all very ordinary, but today was really important. Today was about making sure I don't succumb to the winter blues at work, that my mind stays fresh, and that I enjoy a weekday to myself to think about what I want, and get a few things done.

"Me Days" are so great for your mental health, don't miss them. Even if all you want to do is clean your apartment and read a book, you deserve that time, so take it!