Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sushi Picnic


With summer drawing to a very quick close, some friends and I decided to get together for an after work picnic by the lake! All planned, we were ready to meet right up until the last minute when complications struck out of the blue and we had to reschedule.

I was a little bummed, but I love these ladies so I understood... Unfortunately this meant I had picnic brain and didn't feel much like cooking. And I'd put on such a pretty summer dress

The alternative? I would cozy up in my apartment and have my own picnic! Do some pinning, maybe watch a movie... certainly not do any real cooking!

First stop was this lovely sushi place around the corner from my apartment. Sushi in the Sky.

Right in Port Credit near the library, this bright pink building may not look like much but I promise you the food is excellent! It really is for pick up only, as it's quite small; you order when you arrive and they prepare it right in front of you in a jiffy. There's a few tables inside but not a ton of room.

I went in here for the first time a little while ago and was caught off guard when I ordered and then realized it was cash only. I was all ready to run out to an ATM somewhere and find cash then come back for my order, but the chef (sensing I was having a miserable day) told me it was on the house. 

The kindness of strangers is not something to be over looked, so not only did I pay them double the next time I went in, but I want EVERYONE to know just how delicious this place is, Highly recommended, and I'm kind of a sushi snob.

Anyway, dumplings and spicy salmon rolls in hand, I headed back to my apartment to set up my picnic.

I have this fabulous Ikea couch (the FRIHETEN) that has a trundled section that pops up into a queen sized bed. It's great for guests or hunkering down to watch a movie. It's also (as it turns out) great for picnics!

I set up my tray with all my goodies, spread out a blanket, grabbed my iPad for some Pinterest time, flicked on Netflix and I was ready for a relaxing indoor picnic.

The dress is the Dayflower Lace Dress from Anthropologie. Cap sleeved, A-line, white lace over comfy pale pink under layer. This dress is gorgeous and flattering enough to wear out for the night, and cozy enough to relax on the couch. If it had pockets I don't think I would ever take it off.

When the sushi ran out and the sun went down, I decided there was no need to pack in the picnic, so I replaced sushi with some tea and goodies and jumped into my jammies to enjoy the rest of my night. 

Sometimes, a girl just needs to take a night to relax and do something fun and a little silly :)