Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book of Mormon Date Night

Last year for Christmas, Kris gave me the gift of "tickets to any musical I wanted"
which is fabulous for two reasons: 

1) It's a "date night out" gift which are my favourite. I'd much rather go do something together than receive something.

2) I got to pick the musical. This turned out to be a blessing because not only do I like to organize things, but everything that came to Toronto in the spring I had already seen.

We were out on the town one night when a fellow theatre lover let it slip that Book of Mormon was on it's way back to the city for the fall. This was selected as the musical and through the magic of American Express we got tickets (it can be really hard to get tickets to this show).

I was incredibly excited for my "Christmas" date night, but we didn't have time to eat in the city before hand, so I dressed to impress for after theatre bar and snacks. Really I think I just wanted an excuse to wear my new Topshop skirt and Vince Camuto heels!

My date looked pretty handsome too, I must say! (Though he has an "issue" with being "on the internet". Sigh.) 

Book of Mormon is currently on at the Princess of Wales theatre (see: city wants to tear it down and build condos). We quickly walked over from Union and arrived with some time to kill before the show... so a Photo Op with the Musical Poster was a must.

This is a hard jump to replicate in a mini skirt and heels.

The back lighting made it a bit hard to see, but we got one in the end.

We were ushered into the theatre and took our seats. What follows can only be described as HILARIOUS! I know I'm a few years late to this party, and that people have been raving about Book of Mormon for years, but it really is fantastic!

I'm a big South Park fan, or I should say a big Matt Stone and Trey Parker fan. Those two are brilliant, funny and clearly quite savvy. I hope they do nothing but movies until they have an EGOT. Mike Nichols, Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks.. and the South Park guys. Let's face it, that would be incredible.

You're not allowed to take photos inside the theatre, and certainly not during the show, so in summation: Hilarity.

Highlights of the first act include the opening number ("Hello") which is very well done and a pretty captivating way to start the show, the "how to" advice number received when the main characters arrive in Africa ("Turn it Off") and the song about Joseph Smith ("All-American Prophet").

We left the theatre, howling, at intermission and got ourselves some snacks and took a few selfies while we talked it over.

The second act did not disappoint! The hell sequence ("Spooky Mormon Hell Dream") as well as the missionaries song ("I Am Africa") featured plenty of "subtext", for those of you who watch South Park and know about the "Brodway Bro Down". I think my favourite scene though was when the people of the village put on a play about what they've learned from the book of Mormon... which includes the Starship Enterprise, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references.

When all was said and done, I loved this show and so did Kris. We were really thrilled to have seen it. It's definitely NOT for young kids, and if you're not a little blasphemous you won't enjoy it, but if you've got a sturdy sense of humour and haven't seen it yet, you should go.

The show got out relatively early, so we walked to a bar near the train station for a night cap and some snacks. It's still (for whatever reason) warm enough to sit on the patio, so we basked in the Red glow of the bar sign with our Beer and Poutine (and a lot of "Red Hot Date" jokes)

Overall, a pretty good Christmas present! Even in September!