Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Ovation at TIFF

Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Party

The Toronto International Film Festival is on! The celebs are in town, worldwide movie premiers are taking place, and the parties are in full swing!

My friend Nela and I decided to join the throng of men and women out enjoying the night life that TIFF offers by attending the Ovation party at Malaparte on the roof of the TIFF bell Lightbox.

The epicenter of the festival, the TIFF bell lightbox offers fabulous screenings and exhibits all year round. I’ve been here for French foreign film screenings, the Tim Burton, Grace Kelly and 007 exhibits, and just for a fabulous lunch on the patio. This was my first time heading to the rooftop though for a shindig!

After a bottle (or two) of wine at Nela’s we were off in a cab. Unfortunately we forgot that they closed down King street this year for the festival, so we had a bit of a walk ahead of us. Luckily this led to some good photo ops!

We arrived at the party in Red Carpet style, and were ushered through the doors to the party.

The Party was GORGEOUS! A big white tent covering the bar and dance floor, lit by chandelier with a soft pink glow. All of the Bottle Service booths climbed up the cement stairs to one side of the bar so you could look down on the bar.

We didn't get the unofficial "wear black" memo on dress code that seems to have gone out, but we had a fabulous girls night out all the same!

Thanks to West of Contra for putting on the event! If you get a chance to go next year I recommend it, it's a beautiful spot for a party!