Fresh Fruit Rolls

A few weeks ago, I made some Vietnamese style fresh shrimp rolls for dinner. It got me to thinking what else I could do with rice wrappers! After a bit of time on Pinterest, I saw photos of someone who used them to make breakfast fruit rolls.

Inspired, I had some time and some fruit today so I decided to make them for brunch.

Super easy to make, fresh and really pretty. They'd be great for a fancy brunch instead of just plain cut fruit.

You can use any kind of fruit you want but I chose cut up bananas, cherries and strawberries.

Once your fruit is cut up, get everything together for assembly. I also made a batch of cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on the inside.

In a large bowl of warm water, soften the rice wrapper until its pliable. Spread it back out on your prep surface then fill with your ingredients. Try to fill close to the bottom so you have room to roll the rice wrapper after.

Start with a sprinkle of the cinnamon sugar, then add your fruit: bananas, cherries and strawberries. 

The strawberries on the outside make the wraps look really pretty when they're done :)

To wrap, first fold the bottom up over the fruit (it doesn't need to be all the way) then fold in the insides. Once you've made a sort of "fruit pocket" roll up toward the top of the wrap to seal.

Voila! Finished wrap! So simple!

See what I mean about the strawberries looking pretty on the outside of the wrap? They look absolutely delicious, and they ARE. Now you can eat and enjoy! 

I served with two different sides for the fruit wraps, one was plain greek yogurt with honey (to keep things healthy)...

... The other side was chocolate cappuccino liqueur... because seriously how could I not?

Absolutely delicious. Happy brunching!