Friday, July 11, 2014

Cottage Weekend - Part 1: Water Sports

This past weekend we had such a lovely time up north!

We managed to do some of the things I wanted to do, but of course there’s only time for so much!

Friday night we arrived just as the sun was setting and decided that if we didn’t eat RIGHT NOW, things were going to get ugly. I fired up the barbeque and we made some delicious hot dogs to eat out under the stars! The 4 people (other than myself) who made it up on the first night were those who had never been to the cabin, so it was nice to take some special time with them to show off my digs!

Saturday morning the rest of the troupe arrived and cottage time went into full swing! Kris and I made up about 20 “Perry Malone Breakfast Sandwiches” (Fried eggs, over easy, and bacon on a toasted English muffin with a side of Coffee and Baileys) and then we all hit the dock!

Being around the water is part of the magic that is cottage life. I find the week’s worries tend to just slip away as long as I’m on the dock (ideally with a beverage in hand) or in the water.

The weekend was gorgeous and sunny, so we managed to get in some serious water sports!

Sam is coached for her first run up on Skis

Emily drops a ski, incredible!

Kris shows off his wake boarding skills, 
gotta love a man who brings his own wetsuit ;)

I spent a good portion of the afternoon driving the boat so people could water ski, and I did some regular lake tours as well!

Diana and Prasanna hanging out in the front of the boat. Cruisin!

Of course, a cottage weekend wouldn’t be complete without some old fashioned Gunnel Bobbing! Our red canoe received some much needed attention for what I think is the first time this summer.

Kris and Jameson face off...

It took 3 minutes for Jameson to dump me in.

While Jameson did knock me off in the end, I’m seriously thrilled with my squatting abilities (for balance!) after watching this video. Plus, LOVE my Target red and white polka dot bikini! Very cute and very Canadian!

We were a little wrinkly and tired, but ultimately happy, as we went up to the Cabin for the night.