Friday, June 27, 2014

Sweet Bakery

When my family moved to Bronte Harbour last year, one of the best finds in our new neighbourhood was Sweet Bakery, a cupcake shop that has become my go to for celebrations and pick-me-ups. 

I don’t live at home anymore, but every now and then I’ll still swing by for one of these tasty treats! 

The owner is actually the niece of a friendly friend (which I didn’t know until AFTER I started going), and boy can she and her staff bake! 

Aside from personal visits, I've used Sweet Bakery to cater events before as well. Last summer we hired them to do a bunch of mini cupcakes for my best friend’s bridal shower. We brought in a swatch of the bridesmaid dress fabric, and they matched the icing colour perfectly for an added touch. 

Today I picked up 3 dozen mini cupcakes for an office party tomorrow! Don’t they look scrumptious? 

The butterscotch cupcakes are my favourite, but salted caramel is a close contender. They also offer “Seasonal treats” which they feature on their website. This month’s seasonal options include the “Maple Bacon” cupcake - maple tea-infused cake, studded with bacon, filled with blueberry sauce and topped with maple frosting and more bacon – YUM! 

If you happen to be down in Bronte Harbour, I thoroughly recommend a visit to Sweet Bakery! Bring your puppy; they make dog treats as well! 

Visit their website for all the details.