Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maluca Wine Bar

Tonight after work I got together for a much needed catch up with two of my favourite ladies, Nela and Amanda. We became friends a few years ago when we all worked retail together at Jacob. We all grew up and got big-girl jobs, but the friendship stuck!

Our original plan was to go for coffee, it had been a few weeks since I’d seen either of them and we needed a catch up, but when Amanda messaged to let us know she had “exciting news” we upped our game and decided to go to Maluca Wine Bar instead!

Nestled in downtown Oakville near the corner of Lakeshore and Navy, Maluca is a new-ish addition. It’s owned by the same couple who own a bunch of other restaurants in town and is always a great place to go!

I came here on my first date with Kris (I was a nervous wreck, so couldn’t appreciated it properly) as well as for a few birthdays, and of course for much needed girls nights. If wine isn’t your thing, the sister bar next door “bru” does micro brews and has a more pub-like, but still upscale, feel (and occasional live music!)

The night started off with a bowl of delicious free popcorn with some kind of curry-spice! I don’t know where this trend of popcorn as an amuse bouche started, but it’s one of my favourites.

Not to be overlooked by those focused on wine (me), the food is scrumptious! Most of the food choices are what I’d call “easy choices”, that is, simple and delicious. Not something where you’re going to need at least two waiters and maybe the chef to help you explain everything. No substitutions required.

Do NOT pass up on the poutine. It’s delightful.

It was a fabulous catch up! We heard all about Amanda’s new job (congratulations!) And indulged in a few delicious glasses of vino!