Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brunch at Globe Bistro

My friend just moved into a new apartment on the Danforth, so today all the ladies are making the pilgrimage for a brunch date!

If you haven't spent any time on the Danforth, get yourself over there! Between the EXCELLENT Greek food and the charming shops it's always a nice day on the fringes of the city.

With the Gardiner an embarrassing mess, I opted to drive to Kipling and take the bloody subway in. This ALWAYS takes longer than I think it's going to, and inevitably I was late (sorry ladies!)

We went to this great little place called globe bistro, listed on the Danforth's "top 25" list. There's not much of a patio to speak of, but they open the front windows right up so it's quite pleasant inside.

If you're going for brunch,make sure to make a reservation, the place was completely booked! Luckily we snagged the only available table.

The menu was fantastic, some traditional brunch items, but some unique gems worth trying as well.

I had the stuffed french toast. Carrot bread french toast, stuffed with citrus cream cheese and covered in maple syrup and walnuts. Incredibly decadent, so delicious. Combined with a mimosa, and it was a wonderful catch up with some of my favourite ladies.

What got me was the price, we were a little worried it would prove expensive, but my meal was only $12, and far better than anything I've ever eaten at a Cora's.

All in all, a beautiful morning! We've decided to do a "pub crawl of the Danforth" soon, it really is a great place to spend some time :)