Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Why I'm Taking A Month Off Drinking

It’s a new year full of new possibilities and dreams. There are resolutions to be made (and broken), goals to accomplish, and an overwhelming sense of “I need to get back in shape”.
Which is why when I woke up on January 1 this year, I decided to have a no-drink January. 
Well... ALMOST. My brother is getting married this month and I certainly plan on enjoying a drink or two in celebration.
Taking a Month off Drinking.png
But otherwise, the goal of the month is to avoid liquor in all its forms, get back to normal after the holidays.
I’ve done a no-drink month before a few years ago (but I picked February because it’s the shortest!) and like the previous round of teetotaling, the effects of not drinking have been too obvious to ignore after only the first two weeks.
Hair fuller, face and body more slim and toned, better sleep, more energy... from that description you’d think I drink a LOT, but the truth is I tend to only drink on Fridays and Saturdays. It might be too much on those days, but drinking is certainly not a daily occurrence for me. 
So WHY am I doing this for a whole month (aside from the above)?
If I don’t drink much anyway, other than my admittedly booze heavy Christmas vacation to the beach, then why keep it up for more than a week if I’m already looking and feeling better post holidays?
Well I'll tell you why!
1) I’m getting older, and am increasingly concerned with my physique and health. It's unbelievable in the last few years how much I have noticed the impact of what I feed my body and my overall health. I'm only 29! 
2) I’m wedding planning, call me vain but I want to look my best. I'm also IN two weddings in the next 5 weeks so I'd like to look good for those too.
3) Booze can be a BIG distraction in my life. In preparation, in the moment, and the next day when you’re I'm in recovery. It stops me from exercising, blogging, getting work done on the weekend, and if I break my "no drinking on work nights" rule, it impacts my 9-5 in noticeable ways. That's a lot of negative outcome for a few hours of fun!
4) It encourages bad habits! The junk food I consume when I’m drinking is ASTONISHING! Plus I tend to ramble when I’ve had too much to drink (unattractive... just... I am so sorry to anyone who needs to deal with me when I get this way)
5) I like a challenge! I'm trying to do a challenge a month this year, rather than a year-long new years resolution. This seemed like the ideal place to start.

I love a glass of red wine with my best friend. Sharing a cold beer with my family at the cottage is like a living dream, and since this is the year we say “I Do!” Kris and I are planning on enjoying a few bottles of bubbly together
But it’s time for me to learn to have fun and be social without the booze, it’s not a crutch I need, but it’s one I find myself using (and that's kinda scary!). 
So, will I give up booze forever? Absolutely not.
Am I going to get through (almost but that one day) the whole month without drinking? That’s the plan!
Will it continue past that? In an even more muted capacity than I’ve been employing so far (no drinking on school nights)? We’ll see!  I'd like to think that I'm motivated by my 5 reasons to put the bottle down a little more often this year than last.
Have you ever taken a month off drinking before? What was the result!? Or are you not a big drinker to begin with? I'd love to know so hit me up in the comments
xxox, Laura
Why I'm taking a month off drinking