Monday, December 11, 2017

Organization Tip Of The Week: UNSUBSCRIBE For Ultimate Email Maintenance

A few weeks ago, I sat down for an hour at my computer and did something that I'd been putting off for a while:
I cleaned up my inboxes.
I went through my unread emails, my uninspired emails, and emails that I probably should have followed up on. As I went through this process I realized something rather annoying; I get a LOT of spam emails!
It seems every store I've ever shopped at, every online service I've ever registered for, and some places I'd never even heard of want to get in touch with me by email. What's more, because the holidays are here I'm getting MULTIPLE emails a day from the same stores.
I love Kate Spade, but after their 4th email to me on a single day, I was about done.
So I went through the list and started unsubscribing to ALL store-or-service related emails. 
Anthropologie? Unsubscribe.
LinkedIn? Unsubscribe.
How did you even get my email address? Unsubscribe.
The truth is, I never look at any of these emails. The few that I do find valuable I decided to keep up, but I filtered them into their own folder so they stay out of my main inbox.
The result? Well now rather than deleting or "mark as read"-ing upwards of 50 spam emails a day, I'm only receiving emails I WANT to see, have better email inbox management, and better review and response time to emails I actually need.
Spring may be for cleaning your home, but this winter try to declutter your online-life. Unsubscribe from your pointless email lists that just drag down your phone, your time, and your productivity!
And then send me an email at, because I'll actually see it come in and can email you back! 
I promise, no Stupid-Pointless-Annoying-Mail! 
xxox, Laura