Thursday, September 21, 2017

Organization Tips for the Fall Season

The fall season is finally, finally, FINALLY here! 

I know, it's all very shocking. I can see the headline now: "Female blogger admits to fall being her FAVOURITE season. Demands pumpkin spiced latte after donning riding boots with tights".

While I love the fall, I find it can be the time of year where I let the MOST things slide in my life. After all the hustle and bustle of Summer, my ability to juggle priorities tends to FALL apart in a sea of orange leaves and turkey dinners.

... This post might be full of terrible puns.

While I think taking a step back to enjoy all that autumn has to offer, I also think it's important to make sure you keep yourself organized, make a plan so that the final part of your year is as successful as the first part.

In short: Organize your autumn so you don't FALL into trouble!

... I'm sorry I couldn't help it. 

Here are my suggestions for how to get organized this fall season, to make the most of the end of your year!

1) Purge your closet

If you read my post a few weeks ago about how (and why) you should perform a wardrobe purge, you'll know that I like to do this a few times a year; ideally at the end of each season. 

Well, summer is over, autumn has arrived! Before you rush out to fill your wardrobe with new things, get rid of what you didn't use during the warmer months, and review everything in your fall/winter wardrobe to see what you ACTUALLY need. You've probably forgotten what you have!

This lets you kick off the season with a clean and fresh dressing area (a place which shouldn't provide you any stress) and will hopefully save you a few dollars when you realize you don't need another black long sleeved tee, you already have 6. 

2) Schedule your fitness

I'm pretty guilty of this. In the summer months when it's bright outside I can usually fit in my daily run before I head off to work. But when the days get shorter I stop exercising out of doors, which means I need to hit the gym to get my sweat on.

Of course with bikini season behind us and sweater season ahead, it's much easier to talk yourself into skipping the gym to instead enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte with a friend, or cozy up at the pub.

Make your health a priority this fall and SCHEDULE YOUR SESSIONS! Even if you pick one or two classes a week that you never miss, you'll keep that bikini bod rocking through to next season. 

Sweater season is ALWAYS shorter than you think, don't FALL (again, sorry) into bad habits!

3) Start planning for the holidays

The beginning of autumn means that the holiday season is JUST around the corner! Every year decor and gifts seem to hit the stores earlier and earlier, as we sink into a collective holiday madness.

Do yourself a favor this year and look at the fall season as your opportunity to get ready. 

Here's what I encourage you to do: sit down TODAY and start writing up what gifts you will be purchasing for people this holiday season. Have a plan in place of what you want to buy, and WHEN so you aren't caught up in credit card hell in January. Planning your list early also allows you to shop for deals and take advantage of sales.

Another suggestion? If you plan on travelling book it now. We recently went to book our holiday flights for between Christmas and New Years and found the pickings to be slim. If you're hoping to travel around the holidays (for a price that doesn't make you want to cry), book sooner rather than later!

4) Embrace Everything Autumn

My final suggestion for making the most of your autumn so you finish out the year strong? ENJOY IT!

To me, fall is the perfect time of year to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. The hectic summer days are over and there seems to be just a little more time in your life to slow down and spend time with the people you care about.

The weather is beautiful, there's lots to do, the colours are pretty, and no one is tied up with holiday-family-obligations (just yet anyway). Plus the nights are the perfect temperature for sleeping, or for curling up with a hot drink and a book.

Don't let this gorgeous season pass you by or you will regret it. Take the time to get outside, drink hot apple ciders, and find some peace of mind. 

You'll need those zen thoughts when the holidays come knocking.

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