Saturday, September 9, 2017

End Of Summer Sundresses (and Sales!)

Summer may be drawing to a close in a few weeks, but that's no reason to give up on your sundresses just yet!

With a long cold winter ahead, I am all for wringing every last drop of summertime joy out of my wardrobe, even if it means needing to pair with a jacket every now and then.

I'm not even above shopping for new dresses at this time of year because (if you hadn't noticed) EVERYTHING summer is on sale!!!!

My newest love? This new gorgeous sundress from Tobi!

It's SO comfortable, backless (for a little sumthin' sumthin') and the blue paisley pattern is beyond dreamy. 

This dress was featured in my #RoséAllDay post but I wanted to show it off just one more time because, it is 50% off right now! Not only that but Tobi covers all shipping/duties to Canada so you literally just pay the sticker price.

Let me tell you, nothing is worse as a Canadian than ordering something cute online from the States and being hit with another $60+ when it arrives. Kind of makes the whole endeavor pointless. Tobi gets big love from me for covering this!

Honestly I think the only thing that could make this dress better would be pockets. The paisley pattern is so nice and summery; this dress has become my go to for meeting friends for lunch, or just running out to the store. 

The fabulous sandals? ALSO on sale at DSW! So essentially they are double marked down for some fabulous footwear that will see you through early fall (skinny jeans and peep toe sandals  = September faves). 

Throw on your sunglasses, sandals, and nice pair of earrings and you're ready to face the day. Don't give into Fall just yet! Especially not when Summer is still in the air, and 50% off on the shelves!

Shop the look!
The Earrings (similar): Semiprecious stone stud earrings

So tell me! What do you like to pick up at the end of the season on sale? It's my favourite time of year to shop to pick up great basics for the following season so I am READY when it arrives. Let me know in the comments!

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