Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday everyone! 

This week I'm trying something a little bit different on the Wine Down! 

Rather than write it all out for you, I've recorded more of a podcast-style wine down to wrap up the week and talk about what I'm drinking.

So click on the audio file below, have a listen, and let me know what you think of the new format! 

I've also included some links to some awesome recipes, articles and other stuff I found this week for you to check out while you listen.

**note I've just discovered that this link won't work on IOS mobile browsers. I'm working on a fix for that! In the mean time if you're an iPhone user like me please check out some of the stuff below!


What I'm Drinking

Nova 7 is a white wine with SLIGHT bubbles. We're not talking full cork-popping fizz, but more of an afterthought... a freaking lovely afterthought! It's like someone pre made you a white wine spritzer, without watering down the drink.

The first time I tried this wine, I went out and bought 4 more bottles to keep at home. 

Plus it was beyond delicious when paired with my spicy Indian food!

Awesome Recipes

Books Worth Reading

This week I want to recommend an oldy but a GOODIE because there's a movie coming out soon and I'm so excited

Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express

This classic Poirot mystery novel will go great with your next rainy summer evening when you're stuck inside. I love reading Agatha Christie novels in the summer, but this one is a must for this summer to get ready for the new movie.

Also: check out the trailer!

Instagram Accounts

  • @thegrapevinepro - another Ontario home girl who loves wine!
  • @thecatchallblog - can't wait to see this account grow (I've got a good feeling)
  • @apresactif - #goals! I want her to be my new trainer. Also her dog is everything.

Stuff from Cook, Wine and Thinker (because you love me, and I love you!)


Have a good weekend everyone!