How To Toss Out Your Clothes!

A person's closet is a funny place.

It can be the source of great fun and filled with fond memories, it can be a source of frustration, or it can be an overwhelming mess with the door better kept CLOSED.

We live our lives in our clothes, and we house them in a place that is often cramped, poorly organized and filled with things we regret wearing.

I believe that a closet should make you feel good. It should be filled with things that bring you joy and make you feel beautiful, and you should be able to easily see everything inside it.

Today I want to talk about the 5 steps to properly purging your closet so that you're happy to show it off. If you can't get the ladies from Sex and the City to help you, follow these tips for closet bliss!


1) First and most important: have you used it in the past 6-months to 1 year (depending on how seasons work where you live)?  

If not, put it in the Toss Pile. 

2) Try on everything not already in the Toss Pile (yes, EVERYTHING). Does it make you feel good? Does it FIT? If not, TOSS PILE!

Having 1 pair of "goal" pants is totally acceptable... BUT if you have 5 pairs of goal pants, it may be worth tossing some out. Besides, if you have a weight loss goal like getting into an old pair of pants, think about how good it will feel to buy NEW pants when you get there.

From here on, think of your clothes as being in the "Keep Pile" and "Toss Pile"

3) Go through all of the clothes in your Keep Pile. Separate out anything you had to justify to put in that pile.

You thought I wouldn't catch you justifying that t-shirt you wore to that party 2 years ago but haven't looked at since, didn't ya! 

Look at each item and think about how many minutes you took to justify keeping it. Anything that were immediately easy, Keep Pile! Anything that took more than 2 minutes? Toss Pile!

4) Okay, now its time to go through all your keep stuff again! 

Everything in this pile should bring you joy. You should be able to put it on and feel completely yourself, beautiful, powerful and happy. It should be functional and serve a purpose. 

It can be sentimental, but hopefully you don't have too much sentimental stuff in there. I am a firm believer in holding on to things that someone you love gave you, or that hold happy memories, but it's ok to let some of these things go even if they bring you joy. 

You don't need a closet full of joyous memories, you need a closet full of joyous possibilities.

5) Last step! Hang up all of the things you've decided to keep and go through your Toss Pile one by one. 

You should feel good about the things you've decided to throw away, if something in the pile tugs at your heart strings (and you don't have 4 others just like it) put it back in your closet, BUT there are two conditions:

  • Limit yourself to 3-5 things that go back in
  • Put that item on notice! Hang it in your closet with the hanger facing backward. Once you wear it, you can replace the hanger as normal. If by your next purge you haven't had the occasion to wear it, it's the first thing to go!

Happy Purging! 

So I want to know! Are you good about cleaning out your closet, or other areas of your house? Is your closet a happy place? What do you struggle with when you're deciding what to keep or toss? Let me know in the comments!

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