Monday, June 5, 2017

Life Hack a Day - Hacking Minor Annoyances

Do you ever come up with a task that you just find annoying or difficult?

I know I have some tasks that fall into these categories. Whether it's cleaning the inside of my kettle, putting on a tight fitting bracelet, or finding a way to organize my hair ties (there must be a better way!) I'm always looking for a way to improve on these activities.

So for my first week of the life hack a day project, I decided to take on some life hacks that should ease some of the finicky tasks in my life.

Because this was a short week, we only have 3 life hacks to cover, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were hacks worth hacking!

So let's start with one of the best days of the year...

June 1 - removing stickers from items - PASS

You know you've dealt with this. You buy something new, like a picture frame, and the sticker gets stuck on the glass and leaves gross goo behind and ruins your gallery wall.

Or you're trying to be environmentally friendly and reuse old pasta sauce jars for kids paint sets, or new pasta sauce, or storage, but you can't get the Classico label off the side. 

Enter Life Hack #1, using vinegar to remove the stickers.

OK so I chose this life hack first because I know I have a ton of things I'm forever trying to get stickers off of (I like to reuse wine bottles for things) and soap and water just doesn't cut it, plus ruining my nails by picking at the labels? NO THANK YOU.

So how did this life hack go? TOTAL SUCCESS!

I took a jar that I put a label on about a year ago, which has undergone soapy water treatment at least 3 times a week since then. The writing came off the label in that time, but the label was firmly on the jar... until it met the vinegar. That label came off in less than 2 minutes and then I was running around my house taking labels off other things because I was so excited.

June 2 - Use a paper clip to put on bracelets - PASS

Ok so this one worked but I struggled a bit, and here's why:

I don't own any paperclips.

Seriously, I tore my apartment apart, but I live in a mostly paperless world and I truly could not find one.

So... I substituted with a large safety pin I found.

So this hack did work (even if I stuck myself with the pin) I managed to put on a bracelet I ALWAYS need help with because it's just a little too awkward to do it on my own. I think the paperclip would have been even easier though. I could see this being something I try again!

June 3 - Use white glue to apply nail polish cleanly - POINTLESS

The only thing fun about this hack was that I got to play with glue (which is every bit as fun as it was when you were a kid!)

Normally to get nice clean edges to my nails, I paint, let dry and then shower and wash my hair. Something about shampoo and scrubbing makes any nail polish on my hands easy to peel away.

The glue technique did work but it was kind of filled with calamity. At one point I got glue all over my phone case (luckily the iPhone suffered no damage!) and I kept getting glue ON my nail which I had to pick off before I could paint so it wasn`t the smoothest method.

There are easier ways to keeping your nails clean while painting, so I deem this hack pointless. Though if you`re REALLY bad at keeping the paint on your nails I can see using this as a training method!

Though it did dry out the skin around my nails a bit.

All in all, I think week one was a success! I found some good hacks for finicky tasks, and my early good luck has me excited to try more hacks.

Next week I'll be hacking in the kitchen for 7 days of fun, everything from baking a delicious box cake, to keeping bananas fresh, to making sure your icecream is easy to scoop (important for summer!)

Got a good hack? Hack me back and share it with me on Instagram, Pinterest or by Email!

Happy Hacking!

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