Thursday, June 29, 2017

Adelaide Eats

If you've never visited Toronto, I want to let you in on a little known fact...

Torontonians LOVE their food!

We are obsessed with niche foods, unique foods, and celebrating food. There is no shortage of incredible markets in the city, both year round and seasonal. We also host fabulous festivals celebrating everything from Greek cooking, to Mac and Cheese, to Rib Fests and Veggie meals.

Toronto is a foodie paradise, so when the newest open air market popped up just two minutes from my office, I was THRILLED!

Adelaide Eats features food from restaurants around the city, each hosting their own tent at the venue. Many of these restaurants are incredibly popular and often too busy to pop into quickly for lunch, but the Market tents with their scaled back offerings and their quick turn around time allow for a 20 minute lunch break to feel as indulgent as a full sit down meal.

Though you'll probably wish you had all the time in the world to sit and enjoy because the food offerings are sensational! Mexican, noodles, pork buns, poke... All of my favourite things on one roof top.

And of course...

Adelaide Eats gets pretty busy at lunch time. If you`re looking to go and explore I recommend going after 1pm when the lunch rush has died down a bit. Of course since it`s open until 8pm you can go after work for a pint and a bite with friends, as an open air alternative to hitting the bar!

If you`re not totally starving, you could even stop in for a mid day snack. If so, head STRAIGHT to the Momofuku tent and get yourself a pork bun! 

I don`t even want to tell you how many of these I`ve had since the market opened in early June... It`s getting a bit embarrassing, I think the staff know me by sight. 

If you`re looking for more of a meal, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Though you can`t really go wrong with one of the Mexican bowls from District 28, paired with a fresh pint from the bar!

I mean, just look at that guac and chimmichurri sauce!

Once you`ve got your food it`s time to settle in. The open air space has some covered portions, some shaded and some spots where you can bask in the summers sunshine (my personal favourite) 

All of the tables are emblazoned with the foodie in mind. Comfortable picnic tables where you can unwind at the end of the work day, or hash out your latest meeting with a coworker on your lunch.

Toronto`s obsession with food grows and grows each year. With new markets, restaurants, pop ups and flavours to try, it`s an exciting place to be for anyone who appreciates taste.

Adelaide Eats is another incredible example of Toronto`s love of food, it`s love of summer fun, and it`s love of being outside all rolled into one.

Excuse me while I go get another pork bun...

Adelaide Eats is only here until the end of July! Don`t miss your opportunity to go before it`s gone until next summer!

What are you waiting for...

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