Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Life Hack A Day Project

Lately I've found myself itching for a personal project.

Maybe because we're reaching the midway point of the year, maybe because the weather is FINALLY nice, or maybe just to break up the monotony, but I've been trying to come up with a challenge that I can do for a month.

At first I thought I should do a self improvement project... but honestly the idea didn't thrill me. I wanted to do something a little hard, a little silly, something I could blog and think about that wouldn't get monotonous after 30 days. Something FUN.

Then one night I was scrolling through Pinterest when it hit me. I turned to Kris FULL of excitement because I had decided what my June Project was going to be: Life Hack a Day

As an avid Pinterest user, I've seen a LOT of life hacks. Some seem like great advice, some are just plain crazy.

(I mean even if it's true... COFFEE!)

But I've never actually tried one.

The other night, I was reading some life hacks on Pinterest and noticing while many were pinned, few had been marked as "tried". 
Is ANYONE trying these things? Who's to say any of them actually work? Where is the empirical evidence?

And so, I formed an idea. For one month I would try one life hack every day and determine which ones worked, which flopped, and which were kind of pointless. 
I've done my best to organize them by category (hard) and will be posting each Monday on how my previous week of hacking went.

I'll also be updating my Instagram story with my attempts as I go... based on some of the things I've challenged myself to do that could get pretty funny and/or messy.

Things I'll be hacking include: cooking, cleaning, the internet, fun and games, and crafts! 
I'll wrangle in some help, photograph the attempts and leave out no detail on the results.

Things I won't be hacking: weight loss/sleep/metabolism style hacks. Those are too subjective, and I'm trying to provide you with accurate results! And obviously nothing related to school/babies/kids, since I am not a student or a parent.

I can't wait for you to follow along with me, starting TOMORROW! My first hacking category: hacking minor annoyances.

Got a good hack? Hack me back and share it with me on Instagram, Pinterest or by Email!

Wish me luck...


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