Arranging Your Own Spring Bouquet

It's March! It's March! And I have to say, I'm pretty excited that it's nearly Spring!!!

Nothing makes me happier at this time of year than throwing open my windows, giving the apartment a good clean, and then decorating with some spring touches!

I don't want to talk too much about the cleaning, mostly because I don't want you to judge me about the state of my oven after a long winter, or how dirty my balcony gets. Let's just agree to not relive that experience.

When my apartment smells fresh, I want it to look fresh too! Cue the trip to the grocery store to pick up some flowers to arrange on my dining room table.

Some people are against grocery store flowers and I don't really know why... They're a better price point than what you would get from a florist, and I would bet my bottom dollar that they come from the same whole sale sellers in your area. They may not live as long.. but I average about a week with my bouquets which is great as far as I'm concerned!

For spring time flowers I like to get nice bright pastel colours (like these yellow miniature roses, and a purple and green filler flower) to create a focal point for the table.

If you've ever bought flowers, you'll know that buying individual types and putting them together, often looks better than buying the pre-made arrangements. Especially if you're trying to tailor to a certain height. I'm a big fan of keeping it simple and buying a staple flower and a nice filler for the vase. I wouldn't get more than 2-3 different types of flowers.

When you're building your own bouquet, your first step should be to snip off the leaves on the stems. Leave a few if you like, but for the most part these just take up room.

Once your flowers are looking clean, it's time to pick the height. For this small arrangement, I snipped off 1" at a time until the roses were just above the top of the vase (and below line of sight if you're sitting at the table). Once they were looking good in the glass, I cut the filler to roughly the same height, and arranged inside the vase until I had something I liked from all angles.

One of the nice things about an opaque vase (like my favourite clay one pictured here) is that you can easily secure your arrangement. I wrapped a rubber band loosely near the top of the stem, so that the flowers wouldn't droop away from each other when resting in the vase. Then just fill with room temperature water and your plant food and your arrangement is looking beautiful!

I was quite proud of this bouquet! Not only is it spring appropriate, and nicely decorating my table, but it also goes nicely with my favourite spring table cloth! (Which in turn, looks really great in my dining room!)

So I want to know: What are your Spring time decorating plans? Have you started cleaning, or reorganizing your closet? Any tips/tricks or links to favourite posts about Spring? I'd love to hear from you!

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