What's In My Carry On

Kris and I are vacationing in England this week.

With family and friends to visit, and lots of things to see, we've been really looking forward to this trip.

Flying overseas always requires a bunch of planning. Hotels, trains, activities, timelines, but also knowing what to bring with you! Not just clothes (though I'll get to that...) but what STUFF you need to get you through your long flight so you can hit the ground running when you land.

That's right, today we're talking about how to tackle the Red Eye - What to pack in your carry on for a great flight, smooth landing, and a great first day!

The first thing I always take care of is my entertainment options. When you only have a small amount of room to call your own, you don't want to make it worse by being terribly bored!

An E-Reader, my iPad queued up with movies and music, my headphones and a deck of cards is enough to keep me entertained while I find myself awake. 

With any luck, you'll drift off to dreamland on a red eye, but if you find yourself wired, you can keep yourself busy.

Another great thing to have with you is a travel journal and a pen. I like to keep detailed notes when I'm travelling. I list everything from restaurants I like, to things I want to do next time I visit, to jotting down memorable moments I want to recall later.

Don't stow this in your suitcase, you'll want it with you on the plane so you can start your adventure with one entry, and finish it on your return journey.

One of the downsides of the Red Eye is that, even when you manage sleep, you're going to land feeling a bit cramped and probably not your best.

That's why I like to travel with these three items: Aveeno makeup wipes, Sephora Eye Masks and Too Faced Hangover Primer.

The wipes are used before and after sleeping to refresh your skin, then squirt on the primer to hydrate and wake you up. Finally pop on the eye masks for a 15 minute refresh that will make your skin look fuller as if you slept a full 8 hours in bed.. and not 3 on a plane.

Then you can hit the bathroom and apply a bit of refresher makeup! I always pack my basics (in a handy clear bag) my travel makeup brushes and some hair ties to pull back my mane until I can hit a proper shower

Of course gorgeous sunglasses are helpful too for helping your jet lagged vision, and hiding your sleepy eyes until you can catch a quick nap!

Also recommended? Pack your toothpaste and toothbrush! You'll thank me when you land.

And speaking of thanking me when you land, make sure you have a bit currency for BOTH airports handy

Whether to buy a last minute set of ear buds, or grab a coffee on your arrival, it's useful to have a bit of each currency in your wallet. It's also helpful if you need to buy dinner on your airplane (a new and annoying trend with flying)

 Of course, all of this won't matter if you don't protect yourself against the number one thing found on airplanes... the common cold!

Getting sick and flying tend to go hand in hand, that's why I always pack a few of these in my carry on.

Emergen-C vitaminC packets come in all different colours and dissolve in water to create a delicious vitamin rich drink to help boost your immune system. 

I actually start taking these a week before I fly and then have two with me in the air. Have a few more in your suitcase for when you land so that you can fend off any chance of a traveller's cold and make the most of your vacation!

The last thing you need are your passport and plane tickets, and you're ready to hit the skies!

Wear your biggest pair of shoes you're packing and some cozy clothes, ideally your comfiest black leggings, a cotton tunic and a cardigan. Make sure you have a blanket scarf with you too!

What items do you always have with you when you travel? What's your favourite way to pass the time on an airplane? let me know in the comments below!

Bon Voyage!