How To Rock A White Party

From yacht club dinners to P Diddy's annual bash, white parties are a visual splendor to attend.

There's something so gorgeous about seeing throngs of people dressed head to toe in classic white. Add champagne, a picnic, a DJ and some gorgeous lighting and you have an incredibly elegant affair.

After attending a few of these events, here's my tip on how to rock your white party in style, and have the most fun while doing it!

Take your time getting ready. Take a leisurely shower and moisturize properly, then fix up your hair and makeup.

You may need to put your outfit on first and then cover with a robe before you do makeup and hair. Nothing says "ruined outfit" like foundation on a white dress.

Speaking of the dress: get something fabulous. White parties are an exercise in being glamorous, so don't be afraid to wear something a bit different than your usual. 

Don't feel like rocking a dress? why not go for white cropped pants and a lace crop top! 

Just make sure you feel comfortable and stylish. Frump has no place at a white party.

If you're attending a picnic style event, make sure you have all your supplies ready to go the night before. Invest in a good thermos to keep warm stuff warm, and an icepack to keep your champagne cold.

Other things good to have on hand? Buy some white plastic table cloths from the dollar store to help cover non-white items (or to wear as a poncho should it rain!). Grab some battery-powered candles or lights, and make sure you have a clean wash cloth and tide to go with you in case of spills.

If you're prone to spills, only bring white wine.

You're ready to go! Get to your meeting spot or party location, if you have to set up now is the time to make your area glamorous. Make friends! It's amazing how friendly these events are.

Set your table, pop your champagne (or just buy a glass if no picnic is required). Be sure to take any gratuitous shots that you just can't pass up (like this one of my friend's new bling!)

And of course, take in the splendor of the event. White parties have no shortage of show stopping elements. String accompaniment, giant bird cages, balloons, classic cars... all in white of course.

Gather with friends as the day winds to a close and gives way to night. Toast to your awesome evening, indulge in goodies, and then light sparklers to signal it's time to party!

All there's left to do is dance the night away.

If you get the chance to attend a white party, or host one of your own, I hope you'll repeat the mantra "glamorous, elegant, stylish" and enjoy every moment. They are incredibly beautiful.

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Have you ever attended a white party (Diner en Blanc or other!)? I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below.