Recipes Worth Trying - Sweet and Savoury Cheese Dishes!

I love cheese!

Unfortunately, growing up my Dad was a cheese hater so we never really ate a lot of it. Now in my adult years, I have tied myself to a wonderful man who also hates cheese (seriously... wtf) so once again I find myself not cooking with it very often.

Great for the waistline, but not always good for the soul.

Luckily, many of the wonderful women in my life LOVE cheese, so when given the opportunity to buy and cook up something delicious and cheesy, I jump at it!

In keeping with this week's theme of trying new recipes, I have another LCBO Food&Drink recipe to showcase, as well as one I dug up in a wedding magazine for dessert!

Turns out it's easy being cheesy (and also delicious!)

First up, the LCBO Fried Halloumi with Warm Olives and Honey!

This winning recipe has basically everything in it Kris hates, luckily my friend Steph was more than happy to indulge with me!

Cooking the halloumi in a cast iron (or in my case ceramic) pan, you remove the cheese from the pan when it starts to brown then add your olives and the juice from 1 orange. Cover for a few minutes while it heats up then add the cheese back in until it's just a bit melty.

Remove from heat and then sprinkle over some sliced chili peppers, honey and cracked pepper. Serve with fresh bread for dipping and be whisked away on a Greek inspired savoury cheese adventure you won't want to end.

Check out the full recipe here!

My second cheesy dish steps away from the savoury and into the sweet with these no bake cheesecake bars!

I found these in a wedding magazine that my Mother gave me a few months ago "not that [she's] pushing [me] or anything" (I love you Mom!) and while the rest of the magazine has no value to me (yet) a girl can always find value in cheesecake.

I should put that on a sign.

Anyway, look at these pretty bars! I went with an Oreo cookie crumble for the crust instead of graham cracker, then did one layer of plain topping, added blueberries, and mixed raspberry and blueberry puree into the second layer of topping. 

I wish I had added a bit more puree for colour, but it has a pretty effect!

Topped with more fruit and these sweet little pearls, these easy to make bars are the perfect after dinner cheesy treat!

Make your own cheesecake bars to enjoy!

Do you love cooking with cheese? What's your favourite cheesy recipe? Let me know in the comments below!