Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!

It's been a few weeks since my last Wine Down. If you follow me on Instagram or caught my Tuesday post this week, you'll know I skipped last week because I was playing at the park with this little cutie.

Seriously, look at that face. How could I possibly sit at my computer when I could instead push her in the swing?

Anyway, lots to Wine Down about so let's get started and then enjoy the weekend!

Fun with Vinegar

Let's start with the kind of gross stuff from my week. Specifically, vinegar rinsing my bedroom

It's been pretty hot the past couple of weeks (you may have noticed!) So one night we were trying to use a spray bottle to spray water at the fan and have it disperse around the room (man logic)

Well, I guess someone who used to live in my apartment was a smoker, because when the water inevitably hit the ceiling, it formed these dark brown rings of nicotine that I had to get rid of.


The best way to get rid of nicotine stains is to do a half-and-half water and white vinegar rinse. So I moved all the (heavy) furniture out of my room, filled my trusty squirt bottle with the solution and started spraying and wiping... 

FOR SIX HOURS. Brown stained water dripping onto my floor from the ceiling, the whole room reeking of vinegar and cigarettes.

The reason I tell you this very gross story is that, while I was washing my ceiling (which is SO clean now) all I could think was "this is what the inside of some people's lungs look like"

Don't smoke kids. This has been your Cook, Wine and Thinker service announcement.

Yacht Club Parties

After hours of Vinegar rinsing, I was given an opportunity to participate in some post-regatta events at the Port Credit Yacht Club! Kris is really into sailing and was racing all weekend so on Saturday night I went over to meet him and some of our friends.

After a few beers, some BBQ and time spent lazing about on a friend's boat, we hit the dock party a few slips over.

A live band, free food and icecream and a gorgeous night. The docks started sinking under the weight of the party goers who were in their post-race element.

A beautiful way to end what had been a pretty gross day...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Wednesday was Kris and mine's 3rd anniversary! 

Love you Hunny Bunny!

Kris and I met in high school, but we reconnected at my Best Friend's wedding (he's her cousin) three years ago and have been happily together ever since.

For our anniversary, Kris organized a gorgeous dinner at this cool sushi restaurant in Toronto, JaBistro. We almost walked right past the front entrance because it's all blacked out, you step inside and are welcomed into an almost speak easy feel.. but for sushi.

The food was sensational, we had some delicious bubbly, some sake, and spent a few lazy hours in conversation. I don't have any pictures of us together or our food because I decided to put the camera away (which as a blogger hurt me a little... I guess I'll just need to go back!)

But here's my anniversary date night outfit! 

What I'm Drinking

This weekend I'm heading up north for a relaxing cottage weekend at "Rock, Bought'em".

Our new beer of choice as a family will definitely be on the menu... well not new, it's the 500 year old beer, Stiegl.

If you've never tried it, you really should!!!

That's it for me for the week, I'm off to drink beer!

Do you have any gross cleaning stories? Make me feel better about mine by telling me in the comments below!

xxox, Laura

PS: Here's what else I've been up to!