Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Review: Kate Spade - All in Good Taste

I'm sort of obsessed with Kate Spade.

I have a collection of purses and clutches, an iPad case, a gorgeous scarf, phone cover, jewelry, wine glasses and an ADORABLE salt and pepper shaker set.

So when I was at the book store one day and saw the new Kate Spade coffee table book, I knew I had to have it.

What's more, the faux wine stain on the front spoke to me, and the contents (hosting, parties, food and wine) are right in my wheel house. This book and I were meant to be, and so it now has a place of pride on my coffee table.

All In Good Taste is a guide to modern party planning, etiquette and navigating social situations. Everything from flirtation to oyster shucking to children's birthday parties and how to set up a bar cart is held within it's pages.

Since it's not a regular book, it took me a while to flip through it, and there are sections that I want to read again and again for inspiration or guidance. 

Most of the pages jump out at you with a fabulous quote from the social stars (real and fictional) that have come to define glamour. 

Holly Golightly, Andy Warhol, Mrs Dalloway and Brooke Astor all make appearances; there's also information about Princess Diana's thank you notes, Jackie Kennedy's favourite flowers, and Queen Elizabeth's coronation lipstick.

From casual to fabulous, this book gives direction to anything from planning a child's birthday party to a cocktail party. Information about how to decorate your home (but not too much), playlist suggestions, food and wine pairing, you name it!

One of my favourite pages is on mixing something casual with something fancy for a comfortable but elegant food menu. For example: fried chicken and champagne, or mac and cheese with caramelized onion tartlets, or french fries with smoked mussels.

Food is a big theme with suggestions for pairings depending on the party. There are also fabulous recipes and suggestions for things one should always have in their pantry, from top New York chefs.

Etiquette also makes a big appearance with suggestions from A to Z on how to behave; everything from gift giving to remembering someone's name and making an entrance.

Basically, it's like reading all your favourite blog posts on food, parties, decorating and more all rolled into one Kate Spade endorsed package... and it's pink.

I am so happy I picked up this book, I think it and I are going to be happy together for a very long time.

What's your favourite source of information for all things party and etiquette? Blog, Book or Pinterest Page? Let me know in the comments below! 

If you just want to talk about your Kate Spade obsession, you can do that too and we can be friends :)