Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 Up And Coming Instagram Accounts To Follow!

My 2 year blogiversary is coming up!

This is totally insane to me. Blogging is a wonderful hobby of mine and I don't know where I want to take it, but for now I love putting out new content, trying new things, posting new recipes and updating my social media.

Mostly, I love connecting with fellow bloggers!

Blogging is funny; what makes one blog CRAZY popular vs another is really a crap shoot. Cook, Wine and Thinker has a decent following, but nothing above and beyond. 

In fact I only just hit 500 followers on Instagram, which is my main social media source.

The other day I was reading through a few "Instagram Accounts you Should be Following" and while I follow most of the accounts listed, I noticed something similar about the recommendations... they all had over 10K followers.

These bloggers are hard workers, they deserve praise, and they hustle like you wouldn't believe. They inspire me to do better... but they aren't the only good accounts out there.

Today, I want to talk about a few Instagram Accounts I think you should follow... all of whom have UNDER 1000 followers.

And if you want to follow my Instagram account too, I wouldn't be opposed to that!

Marcella's photos are bursting, and I mean BURSTING with colour! From incredible landscapes to up close and personal florals, I love her shots.

Based in Chile, you start to appreciate her flare for the culture and lifestyle in her photos.

I first connected with Marcella last year when I participated in the #instachallengejuly2015 (you can read my post about it here) which she helped host. She is endlessly friendly and supportive, and I wish her great things!

Cassandra is a Cali girl who is currently out on the road. Her pictures are beautiful but don't subscribe to the "Bright on White" that you see in a ton of Instagram accounts.

What draws me to her accounts are the signs.

Cassandra takes GORGEOUS scenery shots, travel shots, life shots... but it's her capturing of road signs, building signs, signs over bars that I love. 

You can really tell that she's growing as a photographer as you scroll through her posts, and the transition is bound to take her farther and farther down the road to awesomeness!

Mandi's account is like something out of my dream life. Nothing about it feels forced or fake, but it is all SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.

She floats between well staged (or plated) photographs, and then cuts in with moments of reality that make your heart feel warm (like this adorable picture of her best friend's son!)

She has a knack for layering perspectives in her shots that make them jump out at you, without seeming cluttered.

This beautiful lady is going to be a Mamma soon and I am really excited for all the adorable baby photos she's going to post!

Are you hungry yet? Pop over to Robin's Instagram account, CaliGirl Cooking... you will need a snack after looking over her DELICIOUS food photos!

This account is a serious guilty pleasure of mine as a food blogger. Hummus, donuts, cocktails, cake, avocado, all mixed in with the occasional California views that make a girl want to hit the coast ASAP!

Seriously... I need a snack now after looking at this account. It's bad for my waistline but easy on the eyes. 

Plus she describes herself as a "Cork Dork".. a term I may need to use to describe myself in the future (Sorry Robin, but I'm pretty sure we're soul mates)

My last Instagram Blogger actually has JUST over 1000 followers at the time of this post, but I still feel she deserves to make this list because that's a fairly new development (!)

Alanna is a Food & Lifestyle blogger out of DC, though she's making a big move to Chicago! 

Her posts are always bright, well thought out and personal. She's great about replying to comments and has fabulous style. This is definitely a blogger to follow!

What Instagram Accounts do you follow that you think deserve more followers than they have? Include a link down below to their (or your!) account and lets give these folks some well deserved praise!