Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer Fashion Finds 2016

Tomorrow in the early morning, I'm jumping on a plane and flying off to warmer temperatures in the British Virgin Islands.

As I'll be living on a sailboat for a week, I need to be economical with my packing. My usual packing tips need to be condensed... I can only pack a small carry on.

One of the benefits of preparing for this trip has been the opportunity to get a jump start on my summer shopping! Usually I would put this off until the end of May but this year I was at it in early April so I would be ready for this trip.

With a focus on bringing pieces that would mix and match well, I went out and dove into this year's summer retail trends.

Fortunately, one of my favourite Canadian retailers just opened a store near my house! 

Simons is a store I first encountered at 12 in Quebec City. I always make a point of stopping in when I'm in Quebec. They've recently opened a store around the corner and I am thrilled.

Essentially, I would describe it as if H&M also had DVF wrap dresses. You can find great (and inexpensive) pieces, as well as gorgeous designer goodies to round out your wardrobe. It's awesome. (PS: This plug is free! I just love the store)

Below are some of the pieces I picked up for my trip and the coming summer.

Hat  |  Cami  |  Shorts

First off, a fabulous hat to keep the sun off my face! A cute pair of army green shorts and a coral flowing tank to make it POP!

Starting to notice a trend yet? Coral makes a return here with this scarf (which on my trip is also a sarong and possibly a dress). Add in another white flowing tank and these cozy floral patterned shorts. 

I felt this trip was the PERFECT opportunity to get a funky patterned pair of shorts to wear, and I love these.

Patterns and Coral are back! This onesie is perfect for throwing on over a bathingsuit, and the criss cross tie on the back gives it a bit of intrigue. Paired with the coral scarf again (either to turn this outfit into top & skirt or worn as a scarf) will take me from beach to beachside restaurant in a flash!

Corals, patterns and flowing fabrics! I can't wait for summer fashion every day at home as well as abroad!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Any fashion trends you want to try this year?

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