Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Boots and Spring Closet Purge!

Spring is so close I can almost taste it!

We've had an unseasonably warm winter in the Toronto Area this year (with a few notable exceptions) so I'm already starting in on my Spring Cleaning. The hope being that by the time Spring actually arrives I'll be ready to just enjoy it.

One of my favourite things to do at the start of a new season (yep, 4 times a year) is a big closet purge! Last week I went through my Fall & Winter wardrobe and took out anything I hadn't worn since October 1st.

"Laura, October 1st is still Fall" you say... "Canada" is my response.

It's all sitting in a pile ready to be donated (after my family and friends root through it first of course!) 

While the end of the Winter season is a great time to unload bulky sweaters you don't wear, it's also a GREAT time to pick up some basics on sale for those first cool weeks of Spring, as well as next year. Items I usually try to pick up include:

If you read my post on the 10 Shoes Every Girl Should Own, you know that one of my go-to shoes is a great pair of brown leather riding boots. 

Mine have seen better days, so this past weekend after my closet purge, I went on a Boot Safari to hunt down a gorgeous new pair of boots.

I came VERY close to buying this pair at Stewart Weitzman, who had a fabulous sale on, but the sizing was not to be... So I went to my favourite place to buy shoes, Vince Camuto.

I managed to snag this beautiful pair on sale, AND at 20% off the sale price. At a serious discount, I was pretty pleased with myself! 

I quickly sprayed them with a waterproofing solution, then took them out for a test drive.

What items do you love to find on sale? Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet? Do you like my new boots?! Let me know!