Going Live at The Social

Last week, I got to do something I have always wanted to do: sit in the audience at a live day time talk show!

My friend Steph invited myself and Dana along for a chance to see a live taping of CTV's The Social on Friday March 11th. 

Take the day off work and spend it with two of my favourite ladies at a talk show taping? How could I say no to that?!

You can watch the episode here and try and pick us out in the audience! You can also find information on that page about the host's outfits (I spent half the taping trying to figure out how to steal those orange Alice & Olivia shoes) 

So what were my impressions of this particular check on my to do list?


The girls and I agonized back and forth for a few days before hand on what we should wear to look our best for the cameras. I think we nailed it.

I went with my favourite Vince Camuto snake-skin toed sling backs, my bright blue Kate Spade bag, my blue DVF tunic, belted, with a pair of faux-leather tights from Aritzia, My Brooks Brothers jacket, and the Chanel shades to finish off the look!

We arrived a bit early for a few snaps and a Starbs while we waited to be ushered into the building. Once in, the wrangler got everybody hyped up and then assigned us our seats for the show! 

The girls and I were in the second row (which is too bad because we had great shoes on) but we were right on the center aisle so we had a great view of the action.

Stepping into a live studio set is kind of surreal. All the different "rooms" and areas that you see are really just in a big open space. Of course I snapped a few shots because the decor is unbelievable!

Another thing you need to get used to (other than the cameras) is that there is no ceiling, just studio lights. As the wrangler explained to us, there is no flash required in this studio because of the professional lighting; in other words "your selfies will look AMAZING".

At promptly 1 pm, our hosts came out and started the show! 

Topics covered were Justin Trudeau's state visit to Washington, how to take care of your skin, top romantic honeymoon spots, and how your high school "clique" stays with you.

We laughed, we cheered, we learned and we had SO much fun!

After the show, we were invited to take a photo with the hosts, which confirmed my feelings that we were appropriately dressed and looking more chic than shabby!

With the show wrapped up in just an hour and our photos taken, the girls and I decided not to waste our outfits, or a full afternoon off work. 

At my insistence, we hit up Moxie's at University and Wellington for some cocktails and shared appetizers! Moxie's is one of my favourite spots to meet up for an after work dinner, or cocktail with the girls. They have a delicious 100 calorie cocktail, and a great menu.

Cheers to a fabulous day with some fabulous ladies!

Have you ever been to a live taping of a show? Which show have you always wanted to go see live? Other than Ellen and Oprah, because OBVIOUSLY we all want that! Let me know in the comments below!