Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Clutter Box Clean Up!

If you're a person, living on planet Earth, chances are you have a junk drawer.

Even the most organized of neat freaks has a hidden cubby (shelf, cupboard... all three) where they stash things that don't seem to belong anywhere.

In an effort to de-clutter my life, throw out some useless junk, and find a proper home for some of my belongings, I've started using a technique called the "Clutter Box Clean Up"

Here's what you'll need: A small-to-medium sized box, and somewhere to put it where you won't forget about it.

Next time you're tidying, and you find something that doesn't really belong anywhere, just taking up space on your counter (batteries, lip gloss or nail polish, countless hair ties and bobby pins, birthday cards, pens, trinkets, craft supplies... you get the idea) pop it in the clutter box instead of your junk drawer. 

If you're feeling really bold, go through your junk drawer and take out things that "don't really belong in there" and put those items in the box too.

Here's the trick: Don't find a home for these items straight away. 

Leave them in the box until the box is full, or until you need something. If you need to dig through the box to use an item, find a real place for it in your home. If you manage to fill the box and not use the item, it may be time to consider getting rid of it.

My clutter box usually fills up every 3-4 weeks. That's plenty of time to give miscellaneous items a second chance, or decide they're destined for the trash. After you do a couple rounds, you'll find you leave less and less stuff lying about while your drawers and shelves become more and more organized.

There are of course some things that would make a Clutter Box system more difficult:

1) Kids. Kids are clutter machines, but you can implement your system around them (maybe just in the bedroom/office)

2) Pets. If you have pets, you know they love to dig through boxes and bins. Keep your clutter box in an out of reach spot for your pets, or keep it sealed so they can't spill the contents.

Ultimately, the goal is to get rid of the stuff that just junks up your counters and drawers. We all have too much stuff and not enough places to put it, de-cluttering not only makes for a cleaner home, but a more positive frame of mind and an organized life!

How do you de-clutter? Would a Clutter Box Clean Up work for you? Do you use another de-cluttering method? Let me know, I love organization tips!