White Bean Cracker Spread

If you're anything like me, hunger is just not an option.

"oh, I get HANGRY" people say, and they laugh about how irritable they are when they don't eat.

I don't get "hangry" so much as I get "I would burn down a village for food"... 

My best friend calls it "feeding the Laura". I am the girl that will rip open a chocolate bar while I'm grocery shopping and pay for it when I get to the counter. I'm not diabetic, just a monster that needs to feed... lets hope I never become a vampire.

anyway, I DIGRESS. Hunger. Not an option!

When you need a snack that sustains, and FAST, my go to is a White Bean Cracker Spread.
Full of protein, delicious flavour, low on calories, and you can put it together in about 2 minutes. The perfect snack!

What's better, it's great for a casual party, or you can make it and keep it in the fridge all week to snack on. Just whip it up and then serve with your favourite cracker, and enjoy!

White Bean Cracker Spread (yeild: approx 2 cups)

  • 540 mL can of White Kidney (Cannellini) Beans
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1-2 tbsp red pepper flakes
  • salt to taste


1) Strain and rinse your beans, then transfer to a bowl. "Smoosh" your beans lightly with a fork - you're not looking to mush them up entirely, more just pop them open so that they hold the crackers better.

2) Mix in your olive oil and red pepper flakes and stir. When you're adding your pepper flakes, start with 1 tbsp and give it a taste before you add a second (just in case!). Add salt to taste.

3) Transfer to a pretty bowl and serve with your favourite cracker! Maybe some wine and hopefully a smile :) 

See, told you it was a quick snack! Enjoy!