Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Holiday Pin-spiration: Christmas Craft Round Up!

When I was a kid, every year my mother planned a Christmas Craft for us to do.

She'd sit my sibs and I down (and sometimes our cousins) in an assembly line format and we would churn out tree ornaments, that we would then give to family members.

Some of these ornaments were really cool! Some... clearly show that we weren't so skilled in our crafting yet. But each one was handmade with love, by increasingly tired little fingers.

In recent years, with the invent of Pinterest, my mother and I have come up with a few more crafts. Last year not only did my sibs, cousins and myself participate, but all of our significant others as well!

Christmas crafting with kids to make personal holiday gifts for family, teachers, and your own tree is really fun. We love decorating our tree every year and reminiscing about each and every craft we made together.

This year, I took to Pinterest to round up some great holiday crafts to try (and included some of our own efforts as well)

Happy Crafting!

1) Wine Cork Elves

This is a craft I found (and subsequently tried) a few years ago! Easy to make, incredibly cute, and of course you need to save up on wine corks... so... that's a bonus!

Here's how mine turned out:

2) Felt Reindeer

These adorable tree ornaments are actually on our list for this year's craft!

If you were doing this with kids, you may want to sew the deer heads ahead of time (but let them stuff them then pull the thread closed) and let them use kid-friendly hot glue guns to put the rest together!

3) Santa Gift Tags

How cute are these tags?

with minimal supplies and effort, you can personalize the gifts you send. I'm thinking about making these, as well as making some bigger ones for proper Christmas Cards!

4) Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament
This was the craft my family did last year. It was really easy to do and the supplies were minimal. My Mom, being ever organized, spray painted the bottle caps ahead of time so that they were quick to put together.

And check out our effort (grownups... we're grownups now)

5) Stenciled Mason Jar Candle Holders

How much do I love these beautiful jars?

I have some mason jars in my apartment unused right now (I mean, as a blogger you generally have a mason jar or two lying around waiting...) that I think will fulfill their purpose for this craft.

6) Glitter Reindeer Heads

This craft is so simple and so pretty! 

The picture here shows straight black and white lines, but you could easily add a more dynamic pattern or colours to the background! Or of course pick different glitter designs.

Love Love LOVE! 

7) My Family Craft Samples

Below are some pictures of crafts we've done over the years! You'll need to reverse engineer them, but none of them are too difficult! 

Please be kind, most of these I did as a small child!

Also, if you're looking for a slightly more adult craft, check out my post: How To Make Your Own Beer Advent Calendar. A fun month long gift for the beer enthusiast in your life