Monday, September 14, 2015

Cocktails n' Canvas

Picture this: a glass of wine, one of your favourite friends, a gorgeous restaurant and an empty canvas that will come home a beautiful painting.

Sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it? But with Cocktails n' Canvas, this is VERY much a reality!

If you might remember from my 10 Ideas For Fall Fun With Your Girlfriends post, having some wine and doing arts and crafts is one of my favourite girlie-date suggestions!

Recently, my friend Amanda and I signed up for a class with Cocktails n' Canvas, to drink wine and paint a picture of a birch tree forest. I was a bit skeptical about this idea since my drawing/painting skills have always been a little... lacking. My creativity has never done well with pen to paper.

Amanda assured me we were taking an "easy" class, and that the instructor would be walking us through the painting step-by-step, and that it would turn out beautiful. She was right, it's good enough to hang on my wall.

They also offer "medium" and "hard" classes, for those of you who are skilled with a paint brush and wanting to try something a bit harder. But we were happy with an easy class to get started!

Arriving at the class, we ordered our wine, settled in with 20 or so other participants and did some chatting, then we were taken step by step through the painting (and a few more glasses of wine)

We got pretty into it.

At the end of the evening, we proudly displayed our work, fully agreed that we would be back again for another round of painting soon.

If you're interested at all in this kind of class, check out Cocktails n' Canvas. If they don't offer classes in your area, do a google search! You'll probably find a similar company that runs an evening like this. Then grab your favourite people and make a night of it!

I am not affiliated with Cocktails n' Canvas, all my love for them is free!