Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Pin-spiration! Early Fall Fashion

I recently decided to start curating my Pinterest boards.

I should have started this about 1000 pins ago.. it's taking a while. Anyway, now I'm spending tons of time on my Pinterest page moving things about (and inevitably looking at new things!)

A lot of my fellow bloggers have been getting into the fall spirit these days! We all know we're jumping the gun, but there's something about a big scarf that you just can't ignore; not to mention this butternut squash gnocchi recipe is calling my name!

With all this time spent on Pinterest, I've started storing things away for some early fall fashion (late August - early October)... it just can't be helped!

Take a look at these Pinterest-ing looks that I absolutely love!

Click on the below image to view my Pinterest Page for Fall Fashion! The spring and summer stuff may be mixed in (moving it out takes forever!)

What are you looking forward to for fall? Fashion? Food? Fun? let me know!