Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!

I'm off work today and on an ATV adventure with Bear Claw Tours, which was Kris' birthday gift from me this year. 

So while I'm off roaring around the woods (and likely incredibly dirty) with my shock&water proof camera in tow, I'll leave you with the wine down!

Long Weekend, Short Week, Long Weekend!

Due to some weird holiday decisions, I came off last week's three-day August Long Weekend, into a three-day work week, followed by ANOTHER three-day weekend!

It's kind of surreal, I feel like I got tons done at work this week, but I feel as though I was barely there (and spent most of it in client meetings). I have to say it's a pretty relaxing schedule. I don't think I could keep it up all the time, but it's given me some nice unwinding time after last week's stresses.

Of course, last weekend and this weekend are dominated by Kris' birthday shenanigans! So we've spent lots of time with friends and doing activities that he likes. I think he's coming around to my way of celebrating a birthday (see: birth week), rather than his method of shrugging it off.

Plus, I baked him Black and Tan cupcakes! (Guinness cake with Pale Ale icing!)

Sunflowers and Sunshine

It's been another beautiful week, and I happened to come across some beautiful sunflowers in my travels! I simply needed them for my apartment (as you can see they're the featured photo up top this week!).

But before I could get them in water, they needed to be well photographed (of course!)

My New Favourite Time Wasting Website

Bored at work on Friday? Looking to entertain yourself with the best internet memes and songs around? Visit this link, I promise you'll thank me once you've created your own GIF DANCE PARTY!

All You Can Eat Thursday

Any type of healthy eating I did this week went out the window on Thursday with two, fairly decadent, back to back eating experiences.

First was a tasting of gourmet doughnuts, compliments of Beechwood Doughnuts shop in St. Catharines, Ontario. My best friend's husband works in the area and picked them up for us at our request (he's awesome). So after work over a cup of tea and some wonderful conversation, Becky and I enjoyed samples of these delicious treats!

Beechwood is incredibly popular, be prepared to line up out the door if you visit, but aside from traditional doughnuts, they also offer treats like "Strawberry Basil" and other strange combinations, that will have you believing in tasty miracles. I'd suggest following them on the Beechwood Instagram Account, just so you can drool daily.

After doughnuts, I was off to Toronto for an All You Can Eat sushi dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. It's been a while since I spent time with just the two of them so it was great to catch up over rolls, beer and green tea ice cream! Even if it lead to me being WAY too full!

What I'm Drinking

I actually am planning on NOT drinking (much) this weekend. We over did it last weekend for Kris' birthday. It involved Heineken "mini keg stands", which are about as graceful as they sound.

So instead I'm going to direct you over to Erin who put together an amazing list of great summer cocktails that you should DEFINITELY check out!

Cheers! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!