Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY Hair Accessories: Feathered Comb

Recently, I attended Toronto's annual "Diner en Blanc" event; a pop-up picnic with a strict all white dress code.

In preparing for the event, I combed over the details of what I was allowed (and not allowed) to wear. Among the suggestions from event organizers included the following: Be prepared to dress elegantly, even VERY elegantly. Wedding dresses, fancy hats and hairpieces, or even masks are encouraged.

Well, I don't HAVE a wedding dress and I didn't want to wear a mask all night, but a hair piece I could manage! I decided to make my own white-feathered hair comb for the event!

The result was an elegant success, that stayed firmly on my head through dinner and dancing. I even had a few strangers ask me "where I had purchased my gorgeous head piece", success!

If you are preparing a costume, or headed to an event where you might like a feathered comb of your own, here's what I did!

First, your supplies. You'll need:
  • A hot glue gun and glue
  • a comb (either plain or simple)
  • craft feathers, in the colour of your choosing
  • decorative elements. I chose pearls, but any beading or glitter will do!

First, select the feathers that you want to use. I selected feathers that were fairly straight and full for the rear layer, or slightly curved for the edges (to create a rounded shape inwards), and then softer looking feathers for the front. Remember: you can always trim the feathers as well!

Once I had selected the ones I would use (about 10 in total) I began gluing to the top of the comb, with the feathers moving in the same direction as the comb tines.

Once covered, I let all the glue dry, then tested the size of the comb in my hair, to make adjustments accordingly. For this event I wanted a larger piece, but I may opt for something more demure if I were wearing to a different event.

Once I was happy with the size, all that was left to do was decorate!

First, I covered the bottom of the comb in a few rows of pearls, using my glue gun to secure. This hid the ends of the feathers and gave the comb a clean look.

After that, I added single pearls throughout the feathers for a bit of added glamour! I think A nice touch might have been a silver sparkled sequin, for a bit of glimmer.

Whether you're getting ready for Halloween, a holiday party, or just love a bit of glamour in your look, this DIY project will take you 20 minutes and provide just what you need!

Happy crafting!