Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Thoughts on the July Instagram Challenge

This month, I participated in a July Instagram Challenge, put on by two lovely ladies, @Marcella_ella_ella and @Caminioca

Each day of the month, we had to post a picture that went along with that day's theme, which was provided to us at the end of June.

I had a ton of fun completing this challenge and was introduced to some great Instagram accounts that I'm excited to follow moving forward. 

I found that the daily challenges left a lot of room to take interesting photos, rather than the ones that are too specific and hard to complete.

One thing I do have to say is that, completing a challenge like this on my blogging Instagram account led to some complications with sticking to my brand. When you're focused on completing a challenge, it's hard to also stay focused on what makes your Instagram account uniquely yours.

Given that, I think I would definitely take part in another Instagram Challenge, but maybe only for 7-10 days, rather than the full month.

Here's some of my favourite snaps from the month that I took! Click on them to launch my Instagram feed. I've also included links to some lovely people whose accounts I was introduced to this month (as well as the two accounts mentioned up top)!

Day 1: Season

Day 3: Food

Day 5: Blur

Day 12: Yellow

Day 16: Lines

Day 20: Flowers

Day 22: Curves

Day 23: View

Day 25: Look Up

Be sure to check out the people behind these wonderful Instagram accounts!