Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

Happy Friday Everyone!

It's been such a wonderful past week. Plenty of time spent with family, a romantic evening with the mister, some good cooking and more! 

I'm off to Port Carling, Ontario this weekend for a friend's cottage weekend! My friend Jen and her boyfriend are here from England and I am SO excited to see them!

But before I can get to that, let's wind down with the Wine-Down!

Happy Anniversary!

Monday was mine and Kris' second anniversary, which is kind of crazy to me. There are times I can't believe it's been that long, and other days where I feel like he's just always been my partner in crime.

For our anniversary, we decided just to go to our favourite pizza place near by for some drinks and pizza; we wanted to be able to walk there, and it has a gorgeous open air back patio that looks over the park and river. Delicious food and delicious view!

After dinner, we went for a nice walk by the river before heading home for a glass of wine on the porch. It was a gorgeous evening. plus I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my bookshelf which I was rather surprised by.

I'm a lucky and loved lady :)

Adult Colouring Books

Recently, I decided to check out all the hype on adult colouring books for myself.

They're AWESOME! I can't believe how fun it is to colour, I have no idea why it's been so long since I last did this.

The designs are intricate and beautiful, requiring some serious attention to detail. It's easy to lose yourself in colouring for hours (seriously, HOURS). If you're looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon in the park, or on the patio, or even a rainy day inside, pick up one of these books!

Check out some of the colouring I've been up to!

Adult... actual books...

Aside from colouring books, I also picked up some real reading books.

Harper Lee's "Go Set A Watchman" came out this week, and I picked up a copy straight away. I've only just started reading it, but so far I'm really enjoying it. 

I'll be doing a full review once I'm done reading (a rare Cook, Wine and Thinker book review!). If you're reading it, I'd love to know your thoughts on it so far.

Family Cottage Weekend Photos

As I mentioned in last week's Wine-Down, we were having a big family weekend up north this past weekend. Complete with s'mores, beer pong, canoeing, great food, tanning, reading and more, it was an incredible weekend!

I was pretty exhausted once it was all over, it took until about Thursday to recover. But I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Here's some snaps, of my sleeping cabin, and also of all the toys parked around my Uncle's dock during the big family party on Sunday.


I'm participating in an Instagram Challenge this month, #instachallengejuly2015. So far it's been a ton of fun! I've never done a full month challenge before and I'm finding it both challenging and inspiring when I'm taking photos and uploading them.

There's a few samples below, but I recommend checking out #instachallengejuly2015 or following my on My Instagram Account to see more! If you click on the images they'll launch the photos from my account!

What I'm Drinking:

This Monday, Kris and I opted for a Valpolicella Ripasso for our celebratory glass of wine on the porch!

I've never met a glass of Valpolicella I didn't like, and this one was no exception. Priced reasonably and delicious, an excellent choice for a "just because" red wine, no need to pair with food, just enjoy!

What's on tap for your weekends? Any good books (regular or colouring) to report back on? Are you competing in any fun Instagram challenges I could follow? Let me know!