Peller Estates Winery - Niagara on the Lake Part 1

For my Brother's Girlfriend's birthday this year, she asked all of her girlfriends to join her down in Niagara on the Lake for a day of wine drinking in the sunshine.

How could we have possibly said no!

The day was stunning and we all got dressed up for the event. We even rented a big yellow school bus to drive us around (the preferred mode of transportation!).

Our first stop was Peller Estates Winery. One of the most gorgeous wineries in the area, it's always worth a visit!

For this winery we actually booked a tour which let us explore the vines, the barrel room and, of course, do some tastings! We met with our tour guide who took us outside to tell us about the different vines grown at the winery, as well as information about how they keep the grapes healthy. 

Feeling a little bit smarter (but kind of thirsty) Our tour guide brought us down into the Barrel Cellar for a tasting! But not before we passed through these insanely high and gorgeous double doors!

Here's a gorgeous pic of our birthday girl, Dana, in and among the barrels. This was right before our tasting began and we were pretty psyched.

Our tour guide taught us all about the types of wood used to make barrels, and the process by which wineries can ask them to be prepared (including charring the inside of the barrels, crazy!)

Each of these barrels holds 200 to 300 bottles of wine. I cheekily asked if I could bring one home, but "apparently" it's not encouraged. 

Even though I was denied barrel ownership, I wasn't denied a delicious wine tasting! Our tour guide surrounded by 16 giggly (and now VERY thirsty) girls, got to pouring a pink sparkling, white, red and ice wine for us to try.

We were pretty excited

We learned all about the proper technique of smelling, swirling, washing the wine in your mouth, slurping and finally sipping to enjoy. There were more than a few red teeth in the crowd before we were done!

If you're headed to Peller, I really recommend the tour, the winery is just to gorgeous not to be allowed to explore every inch. Also, while we didn't visit it this time, the restaurant there is to die for. One of the more delicious vine-side meals you can enjoy! 

Once our tour was finished, we went outside to enjoy the expansive lawn, and take pictures in the sunshine with our Birthday Girl!

I love this next picture of Dana and I! I may need to print and frame it.

The dress I'm wearing is from Anthropologie (of course) I picked it up a few months ago and couldn't be happier with the cut and the pattern. especially on a sunny day where I need something stylish and comfortable. Find it online here, or similar here!

After a series of gorgeous photos with Dana, we got ready to head into the old historic town of Niagara on the Lake.

But not before we transferred a new bottle of wine into some soft cooler plastic wine skins for easy picnic enjoyment!

I'll follow up to this post on Monday, talking about Niagara on the Lake and our second winery visit!