Monday, June 15, 2015

Old Town and Inniskillin Winery - Niagara on the Lake Part 2

After our first stop in Niagara on the Lake for Dana's Birthday, we were off into the historic old town for lunch.

Niagara on the Lake may be a little bit of a tourist trap, but it's incredibly beautiful. The parks, the buildings, the waterfront, the old hotels. Niagara on the Lake is a really special place to spend the day.

While we had to divide and conquer for lunch (no one can seat 16 girls at short notice) there is no shortage of delicious restaurants. You can get anything from a fresh sandwich at the bakery, to pub classics, to a rooftop bistro soup, or a fancy fillet on the water.

Of course, if you get a beautiful day, I would recommend stopping in for fresh bread at the bakery, hitting the cheese shop, getting some gourmet jams and spreads, and a few pieces of fruit for a gorgeous picnic in the park overlooking beautiful buildings like this one.

Once we were through with lunch, we had time for one more stop before taking our Big Yellow Bus home! 

We opted for the Inniskillin Winery. Inniskillin is well known in the region for phenomenal ice wine, which is one of Dana's favourites, so it was the logical choice.

When we arrived, we found this gorgeous pergola outside of the tasting house, and took the opportunity for a few more wonderful photos.

Heading inside for a tasting, the staff is incredibly helpful at finding the right ice, or table, wine for you!

Each ounce for a tasting costs $1, but the fee is often waived if you're buying a bottle. We had the opportunity to try all sorts of delicious pairings before making our selection. When you do choose, you have the option to have the bottle opened on site, then they'll give you a glass and let you head outside to enjoy!

If you're smart, you'll head out to the front and find yourself a picnic table among the vines. Armed with wines, the girls and I went outside to sit sheltered among the grapes and mull over the beautiful day we'd had. 

These tables are also available for special dinners. This is officially on my wishlist for a romantic date night, with candle light, stars, delicious food and wine among the vines. 

Though sunlight and day dresses and friends were a wonderful combination as well!

Our day in Niagara on the Lake had come to an end, and it was time to hop on the bus and head home. But not before we took a few group pictures with our valiant steed!