Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

Another week gone and it is now officially June!

Time to wind down with the Wine-Down! Here's what has been going on this week.

1) Bachelorette Party and Recovery

Saturday night was my friend Diana's bachelorette party. Games, jello shots, champagne, dinner, dancing... we had a really fun night! The bride was in her element and I think she really enjoyed the party that myself and the other bridesmaid had planned for her.

We hit a few issues, of course, the main one being that we were waiting for a cab and the heavens opened with a biblical-style rain storm! After SIX CABS turned us down (see: downloading Uber from here on out) we finally found one who would take us home. Here's the bride and I looking like drowned rats in the back of the cab.

You may have noticed there was no Saturday or Monday post this past week. This is why! I needed to plan, and then I needed to recover (which involved watching "We Bought a Zoo" and eating McDonald's on the couch....)

2) Ridiculous Things

My nails currently look like this:

Kris usually challenges me to do something weird with my nails when I'm painting them. For whatever reason when he said "tri-colour" I thought "ok, challenge accepted".

Other ridiculous things? My socks from BlueQ arrived! Jenny at The Bloggess posted about these a little while ago and I knew I needed to have them. A bunch of my co workers concurred and we ended up putting in a sock order of over $150... But look how awesome:

Here's the link to the website if you want to check out all the great stuff!

3) THIS:

OMG Game of Thrones this week was amazing. Usually when an episode ends we start yelling at the TV like we're really shocked that it ended after 40 minutes, rather than the 120 minutes we CLEARLY need this show to be running. The cliffhangers are killing us.

Two episodes left and I'm in total suspense. 

4) Patio Time:

Last weekend I finally got my planters done on the patio and they are looking lovely!

I have western exposure, so I get sunny afternoons on the balcony, which is perfect for some after work bliss. This past week has been cold beverages, books, puzzles and sunshine after work, perfection.

5) What I'm Drinking:

No wine recommendation for you this week; all this patio time has prompted my switch to Crabbie's Ginger Beer!

I first started drinking Crabbie's while I was living in Edinburgh, but then last year it came to Canada! I remember being up north and my aunt saying she had discovered "A new beverage at the LCBO" and I kind of stole her thunder in a "oh Crabbie's, yes I knew about Crabbie's BEFORE it was cool" kind of way...

But also freaked out because I love the stuff and was happy I could now get it on this side of the pond.

Gingery-beer... Alcohol.... Best served cold. I can't really say much other than it's delicious and refreshing. I know some people find it sweet, but I have a "prefer salt and sour" set of taste buds and I've never thought so. Pick some up for your next backyard BBQ and enjoy!

How was your week!? What beverage do you like to keep you cool on a hot day? WHAT IS YOUR GAME OF THRONES OPINION? Do you like my new socks?

Have a great weekend!