Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is Here!

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!

The sun is shining, the birds are flying home and I've shed my winter coat.

Sorry Ned Stark, but Winter is as over as your time in Westeros (also, just a few more weeks until Season 5!!! Yet another reason I'm happy about spring!)

So long winter. We knew you far too well... now get lost.

I don't normally post on Fridays, but I'm just so excited that I thought I would give you the top 3 reasons I'm excited about Spring!

#1: Gardening

I don't have a garden (or a yard) but I love to set up planters on my balcony and fill them with flowers and herbs for cooking. Growing my own rosemary, basil and parsley through the spring and summer is a joy! Plus it saves me from constantly buying spices... And always having flowers puts me in a happy mood.

#2: Flats

Oh how I miss not having to wear socks every day... Spring is touch and go on footwear, some days you need boots, some days you need something waterproof. But that first spring day when you can wear your flats with no socks? That's a beautiful day.

#3: Colour!!!

Oh how I've missed colours! On the trees, in the sky, on the lake, on myself. I'm so excited for the world to erupt in colour in both nature and fashion. I've been trying really hard not to jump the gun this season and buy stuff early, but it's just so tempting (and I've already failed at that, so why not just go full throttle right?) 

Check out my favourite spring looks from Anthropologie by clicking on the image below!

So what are your favourite things about spring? If your answer is "because that means it's nearly summer" I'll take that as a fair answer!