Monday, March 9, 2015

Raindrops on Roses... Remembering my Favourite Things!

It's been a weird kind of week.

I'm dealing with a bit of writers block right now, that's stemming from kind of a general "blah" attitude. I think it likely has a lot to do with the winter and the weather, but it's lead to a lot of not feeling inspired to blog, cook, or get out much.

I've been running and doing my best to see family, but I think I need to just power through until Spring. So, I'm writing this blog post to kind of kick-start the happy by focusing on all the things that have been going right, or I've been really enjoying lately. Blahs be damned.

Julie Andrews Style.

1) My new pancake lens! I finally got a new lens for my camera, so I don't always need to have the larger zoom lens on it. I'm excited to take it for a whirl when I need something more portable! Plus, I got it for a REALLY great price ($99!) so that's also something great.

2) My friend is Pregnant!! My lovely friends Steph and Eric have OFFICIALLY announced they have a baby on the way (I've known for a few weeks now). If you follow the blog, you know Steph from this post, and this post, and this post!

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to be a surrogate Auntie in September!

3) Finally, I've been watching Tina Fey's new show on Netflix, The Unbreakable Kelly Schmidt. 

If you haven't started watching it, and you need a pick me up, turn it on NOW. Kelly is a late twenties woman who spent 15 years in a bunker as part of an apocalypse cult. Now she's out and making her way in New York City, complete with a level of enthusiasm that is infectious. The theme song alone makes me feel awesome, so it's been helping with the blahs.

What are your tricks for over coming the winter blues? Or what are the good things you're focusing on as the cold weather starts to wrap up.