Monday, March 16, 2015

Luck of the Irish and Other Matters!

What a past week it has been. 

It's been one of those weeks where I just couldn't seem to catch up. The apartment was a disaster, my blog was completely ignored and yet somehow I can't tell you why I was so busy.

This past weekend being the exception, Saturday morning I had managed to hit the gym (where I over squatted, and am now walking slowly), meet my parents at the mall to go boot shopping, then head over to Stoney's for brunch with Nela and Amanda, all before 12 noon! 

Other highlights from the week include finally breaking and going to Anthropologie where I picked up these beautiful dresses:

I also had a fabulous dinner with my two besties last Thursday, and on Saturday (after the aforementioned morning of awesome) made it down to my friend Kiernan's place for his annual St Patrick's Day BBQ! Kiernan and his girlfriend,my wonderful friend Sam, are moving to Calgary in a few weeks, and I'm going to miss them like crazy. This party was a bitter sweet farewell for a lot of people, but of course we had a wonderful time, and everyone rocked their Green!

I even painted my nails this fabulous colour, which is called "Going Incognito" by Essie. I wanted a colour resembling a British Racing Green for my nails and this fit the bill! I love how it looks.

And of course, it wouldn't be a proper celebration if I didn't have the appropriate socks (remember my Valentine's Day socks?)!!! My Irish Drinking Socks will rock YOUR socks right off, just don't think that you can steal mine.

What's everyone been up to? I'm planning a pretty serious blog reading evening ahead because I am SO far behind on not just mine but also catching up with everyone else! Paige is in Germany, Farrah posted a Pumpkin Butter Chicken recipe (drool!), Michelle is looking adorable by the beach (her Instagram has been fantastic!), and I'm behind on Erin's Wedding Wednesdays! Sorry guys but I'll catch up soon I promise!

Happy St Patrick's Day tomorrow!