Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope whatever you’re doing today you are celebrating love! Love for your other half, love for your friends and family, and love for yourself!

Unfortunately, Kris is working today, (we’re going to have a belated celebration tomorrow or Monday, including a “make our own sushi” date night, instead) so today I’m flying solo.

I've decided to revel in this and treat myself to a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

So what do I have on tap? I’m waking up early with the mister to have breakfast together and see him off to work. Then I’m off to South Shore Spa for a relaxing massage!

After that I think I’ll pop over to Anthropologie and peruse the store, or maybe head to Monastary Bakery and get myself a treat (maybe both! It’s my day after all!)

Then I’m going to cozy up with my book, a face mask and maybe paint my nails, before making a delicious pineapple glazed ham for dinner when Kris is home from work.

It’s all about loving yourself first.

I’ll be instagramming (verb?) all day with the hashtag #VDAYTREAT2ME if you want to follow up! I've included a live feed to my most recent photo below! Of course you can always follow me on Instagram



Update: Valentine's day is over! Thanks to all those who followed along with my #VDAYTREAT2ME! I've removed the Instagram feed and posted all the photos from the day below. I have to say a big thank you to the ladies at South Shore Spa, I still feel like jello after my massage!

Second update: I DIDN`T REALIZE THIS WAS MY 100TH POST! Crazy :)

A girl needs socks for every occasion! Getting ready for my #VDAYTREAT2ME 

#ootd for my #VDAYTREAT2ME ! Headed off for a massage!

This is more like it #VDAYTREAT2ME @southshorespa

What's on your Valentine's Day playlist? #VDAYTREAT2ME

Picking up some treats at Monastery Bakery #VDAYTREAT2ME

Roses are red... #VDAYTREAT2ME

Fresh made donuts #VDAYTREAT2ME

You know your bakery is popular when it has security working the parking lot #VDAYTREAT2ME

Picking up some Valentine's sweeties for my Valentine's Sweetie! (I'll probably let Kris have some too emoji#VDAYTREAT2ME

My @katespadeny iPad mini clutch is so perfect for today! I love using it as a runabout for meetings and catchups, fits my iPad, phone, cards, and then inside most of my purses! Perfect accessory for my #VDAYTREAT2ME !

Back at home relaxing... Worried I'm ill as I feel I look a tad pale and green...#VDAYTREAT2ME

Last bit of relaxation before its time to start dinner prep on my #VDAYTREAT2ME. A coco and sea salt tea latte, blueberry turnover, and magazines! It's been a fabulous day.

Time to make a romantic dinner, so I've got JT holdin it down #VDAYTREAT2ME

Romantic Valentine's dinner for two! Ham and scalloped potatoes. Thanks for following along with my #VDAYTREAT2ME ! Hope you're having a wonderful evening. Now it's time to snuggle down with a glass of wine and a movie emoji️ Happy Valentine's Day from #cookwineandthinker (Laura xoxx) emoji