Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Health Goals

February is the shortest month of the year, so I've decided to use it as a testing ground for some new health decisions in my life!

Why commit to 31 days when you can commit to 28 days!

Lately I've been dealing with some bloating and stomach pains, that seem to have coincided with the changing of my birth control pill. I've always had these issues but they've been getting worse (i'm bloating about 2 inches/day - yikes). Of course all doctors will tell you is "IBS" if they can't properly diagnose, so I'm working from there.

My goals are:
  • Reduce the daily bloat (have roughly the same size stomach when I go to sleep as I do when I wake up)
  • Feel good in my bridesmaid dress at the end of June (and always!)
  • Be more conscious with my food and drink choices
  • Get my run distance up to 7 miles (11.5 km)
So here are the steps I'm taking 

1) Giving up alcohol.

I'm pretty upset about this one, but I decided that I needed to cut out the empty calories and the bloating that comes with alcohol. 

My original decision was for the first 2 weeks of February I wouldn't drink (but I'm most CERTAINLY sharing a nice bottle of wine with Kris on Valentines day). I haven't decided yet if I'll go the WHOLE month, I might just switch to "no work night drinking", but we'll see. So far it's been 1 week and it's going well!

2) RUN! 

I'm hitting the gym 3 times a week (consistently, rather than sporadically), but aside from my standard work out, I'm also trying to run as much as my can. This week's goal was to run 10 miles (3, 4, and 3). Success! 

Next week is 11 miles, then 12, in the hopes that I'll add a mile to my long run each week and get up to 7 by the end of the month... or at least sometime in March! 

Other fitness goals include working in 15 minutes of daily stretching, focusing on yoga poses designed to help with digestion and stomach toning. 

3) Low FODMAP "Diet"

Let me be clear. Nothing in this world can make me give up pizza. 

THAT SAID... I've decided there's no harm in trying to cut out the foods that lead to bloating (inches and pain) and eat more of the foods that won't do that.

I've done some research into good/bad foods and found a comprehensive list (click here). I've highlighted the foods that I love on both lists, and am going to cut back on the bad and increase the good.

I'll be following this "diet" pretty lightly and as a guideline, as I'm not one to cut things out all together (pizza), and don't think that's a healthy way to live. 

You may have noticed from the theme of the blog that I really like food...

 But there's no reason that I can't put more focus on foods I already love that won't make me feel bloated and sore.

I'm hoping that by the end of February, I'll be feeling better physically and psychologically. Plus busting out 7 mile runs like it's nobody's business!

Do you have any fitness goals? Or have you had any successes in following them in the past? I'd love to hear stories for motivation! 

Wish me luck!