Monday, February 2, 2015

Beautiful Wedding DIY

Back in September my friends Steph and Eric got married! 

In the months leading up, Steph planned all sorts of beautiful DIY touches to make their day extra special. 

 As a bridesmaid/neighbour I was often on hand to help out, which lead to a lot of nights that looked like this...

Accompanied by a lot of this...

Here are some of the fabulous things my beautiful friend put together! Feel free to find yourself inspired (I did)!

1) Candy Jars

These beautiful shower favors were filled with delicious blue raspberry candy (blue was the wedding accent colour). Tied with a simple bow and a silver bell thank you charm, the top of the lid was covered in chalk board paint with Steph and Eric's names written on top. 

One at every table, it was a gorgeous (and delicious).

2) Bows for the Invitations

To keep the separate pieces of the invitations together (return envelopes, formal invitation, reception information) Steph and I had a wine night and put together these little ribbons. Steph tied all the royal blue ribbons into bows, and I glued glittery sequins around the knot.

Each ribbon was then wrapped around the invitations before they were sent out. I have to say I was really happy to open my invitation and find our wine-night craft on the inside!

Plus it kept everything nice and secured together.

3) Seating Chart

Steph did a really beautiful job with this one! Using some glittery pink scrapbook paper, flat grey, and more of the blue ribbon, she put together this gorgeous seating chart that was placed at the doors of the reception hall!

Find your name in style (because seriously it's beautiful)

4) Place Cards

Another great DIY night and one of my favourite DIY pieces from the wedding.

These place cards were made using scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a lot of ingenuity (we made up the design on the spot when we had a shortage of paper).

Most importantly, each of the place cards featured a song quote that Steph and Eric had picked. Music is very important to the two of them and these place cards had romantic song quotes by everyone from the Beatles to the White Stripes, Ben E. King to some in Spanish that I didn't know but sounded beautiful when read aloud!

You could use them as name cards as well, but I loved the song quotes. It's so perfect for the couple, and was a really fun touch. I actually took one home with me...

If you're planning any DIY touches for your wedding, or you know someone on the look out for ideas, consider some of these gorgeous touches! It's fun to be crafty (plus a great excuse to have wine and glitter on the same table!)

Happy Crafting!